Next Time, I Promise We’ll Be Perfect

Things have been getting increasingly hectic around here… last Saturday (13th) we went to the Relay that my mother-in-law was in charge of for this area.  She has several others, but this is the biggest one.  It went really well, I took many pictures, but unfortunately?  I had the camera on the wrong setting, so they all came out like crap.  Sigh.  I also realized that my fiance has been in remission from leukemia (he was two when it all began) as long as I’ve been alive, pretty much.  He’s a twenty-three year survivor and I just happen to also be twenty-three!  Go figure.

Thursday and Friday were mostly spent at the ACS office with my mother-in-law.  We bounced between the office, collecting money, getting my dress altered (and fiance’s pants tailored), and trying to pick up the last-minute necessities.  Fiance and I went to Victoria’s Secret yesterday to pick up a sticky bra only to see they were out of my size.  We have to check back sometime this week.   Ordering it online and getting it here in time would cost us $20 worth of shipping — no thanks!  I was also crushed to find my desired wedding night attire was nearly $90… I wish they’d point out when things are “100% silk”.  Gah.

Also, because a certain someone (read: fiance) made me wait, I can no longer get my desired hair pieces.  They were the beautiful silk flowers.  I have no idea what to get now.  I haven’t really liked anything and I’ve looked for replacements for awhile… sigh.  Then, to top it off, he broke my $70 Wacom Tablet pen.  The expenses are just racking up and I am feeling extremely overwhelmed by it all.  The sticky bra itself is a necessity, due to the fact I seem to have, um, ‘grown’ since the purchasing of the dress over a year ago.  So, yeah, I need a backless bra to wear it.  Unfortunately, the bra is also$70… so no tablet pen for me anytime soon.  It’s just a good damn thing I got the dress a size too big to begin with or else we’d really be in trouble.

We still don’t have someone to marry us, which is a big problem.  I really, really would prefer someone from an actual church as opposed to a notary.  A preacher/pastor/whatever his church calls them from my fiance’s old church is looking for us, trying to find someone down there we can afford.  We had one in mind, but apparently, he doesn’t marry “tourists”.  My fiance’s family has been going down there for twelve years.  They own properties.  We are not a part of the rich people machine ruining your island.  How incredibly rude.

I also finally got my hair professionally colored.  It isn’t the perfect color I had somehow managed to achieve with a random selection of Walmart color… but it’s good enough and it looks natural.  Fiance got his hair cut, but he should’ve have scheduled for highlights, too.  These pictures are forever, damn it!

I guess I should also mention that the cats have been extremely upset that I wasn’t with them all day Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.  Fiance got home before us on Friday and told me Loki was crawling all over him, meowing.  Poor baby.

The kitten is getting increasingly bigger!  It’s really shocking… he’s growing so quickly.  He used to fit under my neck, now he pulls a Loki and sprawls out over my chest.

Loki gets along better with the kitten now that he knows it won’t replace him.  He still gets a bit too rough when they play, but as the kitten grows, it’ll become less of an issue.  It’s definitely a lot better than when we first found the poor, starving little bugger!

My fiance is in love with the fact that our camera takes video, so he captured their initial meeting with it.

He also has fun recording them while they play.  Loki likes sniffing the camera, but Puff?  He attacks it!  Which is hilarious.

It’s hard to believe we only have one weekend left before we go to Key West… and next weekend, the in-laws will be gone on some trip my father-in-law has to take for his job.  I just hope I can get everything done in time.