More Stuff!

More Stuff!

The nursery is coming along. The husband put together all of the furniture we have so far (changing table and crib) last weekend and then we put the new light and the curtains up that we got last Saturday. I still need to get the dragonfly painting mother-in-law did into the proper frame and hang it up. I had wanted to buy another picture or two, but then I saw name blocks and I might try to do something like that on my own. Her name is long, so paying someone to make them would be around $200! I also want to get a rug, since I hate the carpet.


We should get the crib mattress and changing table pad on Tuesday, hopefully! Her portable bassinet arrived this week. Seeing it is just weird. The entire house has been overtaken by baby stuff! This won’t be changing any time soon, either. Only instead of boxes and gift bags, it will be legitimate things like her bouncer/swing and her things. That she’s actually using. Because she’ll be here. As a person.

Still so weird to even consider. That it isn’t going to just be me and the husband anymore. My mind can’t really wrap around it. I can’t even begin to “prepare” for the change, so instead, I’m freaking out mildly about all the losses. Husband is focusing on the good. I have to keep assuring him that this is just how I cope with major change. Moving down here was huge and the best thing I ever did, but I didn’t feel that way about it when it was happening. I have a process I have to go through.

Husband wants to celebrate my birthday early. I appreciate that he even wants to still celebrate it at all. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to being forgotten amidst all the baby madness. It sucks, but that’s life.


This weekend, we bought our car finally! I was kind of shocked at how quickly it all happened. We went to the lot, husband found the exact one he wanted (he’s been doing months of research and gathering quotes; he made a spreadsheet), and we left the lot with it. We still have our old Honda, too, but this one is a Kia Optima EX. It’s very nice, fully loaded, too! I love the big screen in the center console. I haven’t had a chance to drive it yet, but I’ve driven the MIL’s 2013, so I know what to expect. That’s why I suggested we look at them! I liked the way hers drove.

Of course, yesterday was peppered with anxiety. My doctor’s appointment went fine, except that they think I have the beginnings of a bladder infection. My doctor wrote an antibiotic that, when I checked it online, said: ‘do not take in last month of pregnancy.’ So, we had to get a hold of him to make sure that it was okay to take, which it was. It has an elevated risk of jaundice, but they were more concerned about the side effects of allowing a bladder infection to progress.

After that, I started spotting some blood. And I lost the rest of my mucus plug. The blood continued, albeit intermittently, throughout Friday evening and Saturday. It was like the infrequent spotting you get before your period and it was brown. Husband was freaking out, so I called the doctor and was told to keep an eye on it, take it easy, and call him if it was accompanied by cramping, timed contractions, and all of that. So, now everyone is joking that I’ll be in the hospital by this weekend. Yikes.

The baby is still moving, so I wasn’t too worried. I won’t lie, though, I felt completely gross yesterday. I’m not sure if that’s the antibiotic (possibly) or just exhaustion. I was ready for bed by 9pm. I had wanted to clean, but I couldn’t. Every time I tried to get up and do things, I felt like I just wanted to fall over and sleep.

I have a “feeling” she’s going to be an October baby, but feelings don’t mean much. There’s still stuff I want to do, so I’m not quite ready for her yet!

Working On the Nursery

Working On the Nursery

Yesterday, we spent the first part of the day at our birthing class. It wasn’t so much a “birthing class” as “here’s all the medical ways we can help you birth a baby.” Then they showed us some videos. Hilariously enough, the videos were all of natural births! The teacher/nurse asked us if anyone was planning on not having an epidural or at least trying to abstain from one… I was the only person who raised my hand our of nearly twenty women. When I asked about how many natural births the hospital had, she said they didn’t have many, but that they did happen and the nurses tried to be respectful of everyone’s choices. Well, at least there’s that.

I didn’t really learn anything because I’ve spent the past few months reading birth stories, books, and talking to people in person about their experiences. I know I can’t guarantee what my birth would be, but going into it, I have a better idea of what I’d like to try for. That’s what is most important. Whatever happens is going to happen. I still have some questions for my doctor, though.


After that, we met up with the in-laws and went to this huge home/etc outlet that’s about twenty minutes from their house in Ohio. We needed a ceiling light for the baby’s room and ended up leaving with about $150 worth of stuff… we got three ceiling lights, each originally around $80-90 for only $35 all together! We also got a set of curtains (originally $30 each, we paid $5) for her room, a curtain rod (originally $55 we paid $15) for her room and one for my vanity room… and we even found a bouncer/swing combo that we’d been looking at! It was originally priced around $160 or so… we got it for $50. In the end, we made out like bandits!


Today, the husband has been working on putting all the furniture together… which is super exciting! They finished the drywall and painting last weekend. There’s still some touch-up work needed, but we were both too excited about the furniture. I’d still like to get her a rug, but the husband ran the carpet cleaner over the carpet, so it looks better… but still.

We’re waiting to install all of the new lights because husband isn’t confident in his electrician skills yet. I’m definitely glad I bought him a screwdriver to replace the crappy one that his dad had given him. Makita apparently does a deal on some things around Labor Day every year, so I grabbed him a drill priced originally $200+ but marked down to like, $99. I added in some contractor-grade drill bits, too. We’re on a spending freeze due to buying a car very, very soon… but this was a necessity. It’s definitely come in handy!

I’ve been working on getting her clothes sorted and washed, which has been an experience. She has a lot more clothes than I thought… but next to nothing that’s newborn sized. We might grab a few cheapie things, but otherwise, we’re not really worried about it. Newborn clothing is so odd. If she’s a “bigger” baby, she likely won’t even wear any of it!

So far, this three day weekend has been amazingly productive. I love it!

Baby Stuff!

Baby Stuff!


My dad bought us the car seat and stroller combo we had on our baby registry. I was excited waiting for it to arrive. When it did arrive, we wasted no time busting it open and putting the stuff together. Our first official baby furniture! There was no way we were letting it sit in a box…

Very happy with the choice I made! I decided on the Chicco KeyFit line, which has pieces that fit together throughout various ages, making things so much easier down the line. I did a lot of research, but kept coming back to this one. I got red because it’s the husband’s favorite color and it’s fairly gender neutral should we need to use these things again in the next two to three years.


Loki wasn’t exactly thrilled with us using him as our “text subject”, haha. He has zero interest in the furniture, unlike everyone else’s cats. He sort of sniffs it, rubs it, and then he’s done with it.

Getting this stuff just makes it all seem more “real”… it’s really crazy. We also got the crib and dresser from my dad’s dad and step-mother! Of course, those will remain in the box until the room is finally finished. The in-laws are supposed to be coming up this weekend to give us a hand, which will be nice.

Things are definitely happening… very quickly. It feels like everything is in fast forward. Next week is our birthing class. I remember scheduling it back around June and July, thinking, “wow, that’s so far away.” Now it’s here. Yikes! It’s almost a month until my due date. We have food that expires on or slightly past my due date now. It’s all just very surreal and odd.

I can’t wait to get her room ready! These pictures of the stroller and carseat are kind of old. I’ve had the Thank You cards and baby shower stuff sorted for a long time. Soon, I’ll be pulling it all out again to wash it… whoa.

Grandparents Visit

Grandparents Visit

My grandparents from Pennsylvania (maternal side) visited this past weekend. It was kind of a shock. I had hoped they would be here for the baby shower, but my grandmother’s doctor appointment interfered. Honestly, I didn’t think she’d be well enough to visit, but she trooped on down. They drove down in their motor home, which they parked in our parking pad (which fits around 4 cars, so it’s plenty big!)


The husband kept saying he felt like he was in Christmas Vacation and cousin Eddie was camped outside. We had an electrical cord running under our garage door for them and pap kept using the hose to fill their water tank! It was all very hilarious, but also incredibly convenient.

They arrived late Friday evening and went to be before 10pm, so we had a little bit of time to rest up for the busy weekend. On Saturday, we took them out and about. We showed them the mall we used to work at and looked at some baby stuff (my grandma was always a mover and a shaker; she loved going out and doing things), had a nice lunch at a local place, and then headed home and grilled out for dinner.


Sunday morning, we took them to a West Virginia place that’s great for breakfast and then we hung out around the house a bit before heading down towards the in-laws. Husband showed them the city he went to college in (and lived by since he was around eight or so) and then we went out to the in-laws. We hung out there and then went to Cracker Barrel for dinner.

All in all, it was a good visit. I’m glad they came down. I hope it didn’t tire my grandma out too much. She’s definitely wearing down. She went from oxygen, to not using oxygen, to back to needing it all the time and being even weaker than she was before. It’s definitely hard to see her struggle so much to get around. I told her she needs to at least get a wheelchair so she can go places! We rented one for her over the weekend to facilitate us going out and about.

We’re both exhausted, though, and quite done with visits for awhile. We have way too much to get done to lose another weekend! The baby’s room is still nowhere near complete… sigh.

Having my family down here was a bit of a wake-up call, though. It was really weird. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with it. Husband says it’s because I’m a different person now and they don’t see that. I’m inclined to agree. It’s so nice to be free of the chains my family weighs me down with–who they expect me to be or ‘see’ me as, when I am none of those things. I’m a completely different person here, a much better person. My life is so much better, too. Like I told the husband, it’s a case of “never the two shall meet”; it’s fine to go back and visit, but I’d prefer if my ‘old life’ just sort of stayed where it belonged…

The small town mindset, bigotry, and judgmental ways just doesn’t suit me or my life anymore. It makes me sad. I feel like I’ve outgrown the people I love. It’s a natural process and it definitely needed to happen… but that doesn’t make it any less sobering to think about.

Family Baby Shower

Family Baby Shower

Our family baby shower was last weekend! We also had my Aunt Beth from Florida visiting, which was awesome. We spent a lot of time hanging out with her (in-laws in tow, as she stayed with them since we don’t have room yet.) All in all, it was a very busy and fun weekend.


I, unfortunately, don’t have any pictures of us with my Aunt! I had every intention of getting some, but it just didn’t happen because we were so busy. She has some on her phone, but I haven’t asked her for them yet, haha. She enjoyed herself, though, and got to sample some local flavors and we even took her “out into the mountains” to one of the State Parks.


I forgot to put my camera on auto before handing it over to FIL, so pictures are kinda iffy.

The baby shower itself was on Saturday and was hosted by my husband’s aunt (on his mother’s side.) It was held an hour and half away from us, where his family is originally from. We got a lot of really great stuff and everyone was super nice. It wasn’t nearly as stressful as I thought it would be, which was great. I’m not really good at being the focus of attention and opening gifts in front of people is kind of awkward…


My aunt took these and again, no auto mode. Oops!

We went to see the husband’s maternal grandpa, who is in assisted living, after the shower with his uncle. It was a little bit of a disaster. He’s there because he’s in the late stages of Alzheimer’s and was having a “bad day.” Still the husband hadn’t seen him in a very long time… so at least he got to see him, even if he was sort of out of it. It was definitely a somber note to end the day on.

1146959_914461281898910_5632736276289897436_o (1)

I’m never going to get a nice picture of us together with my belly, lol.

We drove back with my aunt to the in-laws house and mostly just spent the evening hanging out. It was definitely nice having her visit. She’s the first of my family to see our house! I’m still impressed by all the nice stuff we got at the baby shower, too. We still have a bunch of stuff to buy, but the showers definitely helped.

My dad’s dad and his step-mother bought us our crib, dresser/changing table, and bedding! We certainly weren’t expecting that. My dad couldn’t come because his wife got a DUI in July (she’s an idiot) and her hearing was the Monday afterwards. He did buy us our stroller and carseat travel combo, though, so I can’t be too mad… haha.

Grandparents are planning to visit this weekend, so it’s going to be another busy one. We still have a LOT to do and it seems like time is just speeding by…