33 Week Ultrasound

33 Week Ultrasound

We had an ultrasound done at 33 weeks last week on Thursday! It was mostly for our own benefit, though when they measured my “growth”, my doctor thought I was measuring ahead, so he ordered the ultrasound. Everything turned out to be fine and she’s right on track with where she should be. They estimate around 4 lbs… which isn’t huge and I’m okay with that.

The funniest thing about it all was that she licked the placenta in the middle of the ultrasound! The tech caught it and laughed, pointing it out to us. She kept doing it, too. We have a picture of it–blackmail material for when she brings boys home, haha!


Look at that Gene Simmons tongue!

It was so crazy to actually see her and her little face. I couldn’t get over it. During the ultrasound, I was fine and joking around with the tech, watching the screen intently… but it didn’t really hit me then. It wasn’t until we had the pictures and we were looking them over that it all became so real. I kept looking at the husband and saying, “look! She has a little face!” 


I’ll be honest, I never thought ultrasound pictures were cute. Even the earlier ones of our own child seemed weird and alien to me. But this? This… it’s cute. It’s creepy, but it’s cute. She has a little face, a little nose, and little lips! Seeing her profile and just her moving around and grabbing onto her little feet (she’s all bunched up in there), I don’t know. It still hits me, even now, a week after the fact. I just look at the picture and think, “wow…”


I jokingly told the husband during the ultrasound that those were clearly not my lips! We all had a good laugh as the tech moved the wand around and tried to get us some good photos. It was difficult because she’s so close to the placenta. I remember holding my breath every time she did a measurement, so worried that she’d make a noise of worry or say something wasn’t right. I was so relieved when none of that happened.

It’s still so hard to believe that soon, she’ll be a real person here with us. She’ll be our daughter and we’ll be her parents. It’s just so hard to wrap our heads around it all. It’s not a bad thing, though. It’s just… different. Everything is changing, even now. My head isn’t the same as it used to be, it functions differently, and it’s really going to change once she’s here.

We’re working hard to get everything done! I’m definitely out of the ‘honeymoon stage’ of my pregnancy. I kind of miss the second trimester; I wasn’t huge, but I had a cute little belly I could dress up easily. Now I feel huge and I can’t seem to find anything to wear! I feel ridiculous. I’m also uncomfortable most of the time… which sucks. Sleep? Ha, ha. That’s hilarious. Yeah, we’re definitely at the end… but that’s okay. It’s been an interesting ride.

We had our baby shower over the weekend, my aunt visited, and we just got a bulk of our big baby stuff today… but that’s a post for another time.

32 Weeks Already?!

32 Weeks Already?!

Time is seriously going by way, way too quickly. We’re so not ready. The baby’s room is still nowhere near being close to finished, we’ve yet to buy any actual baby furniture, and we’re still missing pretty much all of the necessities. Sigh. At least we have our ultrasound coming up this Thursday. That’s exciting. We haven’t “seen” her since the anatomy ultrasound back in June. Given how big my stomach has gotten and how much she moves (if you press on certain parts on my stomach, you can FEEL her!), the ultrasound will definitely be fun.

Husband is out working on the deck. We need to get it stained before the cold weather sneaks in. Usually it stays pretty warm down here clear through October, but much like last year, that’s not looking likely this year. We’re probably going to have another “bad” winter here. You’d think a place located in Appalachia would be used to snow, but no, not this place!

We both caught the respiratory thing going around, so we’ve been trying to recover from that. Being sick and pregnant is downright miserable. I miss being able to take medication! I’m doing okay, though, and didn’t get as sick as the husband did. I should, hopefully, be much better off tomorrow. I’ve been doing absolutely nothing but couch surfing all weekend, which is frustrating. My aunt is coming in for the baby shower Saturday, so I want to have everything cleaned up! Looks like I’ll be doing that after work during the week…


We had our work baby shower on Friday. It went amazingly, a lot better than I had anticipated! I am very grateful to my friend/coworker and the husband’s friend/coworker who both set it up. We got a lot of awesome gifts and gift cards! I’ve got the Thank You cards already filled out and ready to be put in their mailboxes once we get back to work on Monday.


Loki, of course, had to nose through the bags! We were surprised when he didn’t zero in on the fuzzy blanket or the stuffed bear. He’s obsessed with fuzzy/plushy things and usually tries to steal them. He’ll take off and we usually have to chase him down and get the fuzzy object away from him. Instead, he just kept nosing around the bags before settling on rubbing one of the bags of a coworker who also has a cat.

Our family shower is this Saturday. I’m hoping it goes okay. My family won’t really be in attendance, probably just my aunt who is flying in from Florida. My dad was supposed to try and make it down, but his stupid wife got a DUI, so he’s at home dealing with that right now. I’d like him to get down here before the baby is here, but that doesn’t seem likely, sigh. He’ll pop up when she’s here and I don’t want to play hostess!

It’s so hard to fathom that we have less than two months now to prepare. I need to start updating my lists and we’ve got to start cracking down and getting things done. Getting this deck staining out of the way will definitely clear up our schedule, as it’s the last major house improvement that relies on the weather. Everything else will fall in line once this is done. The in-laws were supposed to come and help, but MIL never cleared it with FIL (as husband asked several times for her to do) and so he’s too busy today. Husband is doing what he can. I wish I could help, but I can’t be around the chemicals (it’s a special, repairing stain) and I’m still too damned sick to be useful, sigh.

I really, really want to get my vanity room all organized and completely set up before the baby comes. Right now, it’s just sort of a disarray of all my stuff, with my vanity that holds all my makeup. We just sort of throw whatever in there and use it as a storage room. It recently got a litter box added to it because Loki was actually strangely and not using the downstairs litter box. I later found out that this was because husband hadn’t been dumping the litter out completely every month or so and changing the liner! I usually do all of this… but I can’t now. So frustrating.

Moving Right Along

Last weekend was spent working on the house… again. Husband and father-in-law were installing our brand new windows! We replaced six out of eight windows, leaving the downstairs ones alone for the time being. The seals aren’t broken on them and they don’t look as rough as the main floor’s windows. They will eventually need replaced… but that’ll come later. With the baby, some of our home improvement plans had to be sized down considerably, heh.

Either way, they look amazing! They let in so much more light, which is odd, because their glass surface area is slightly smaller. They’re thick, fancy windows, though. They even have the UV coating on them. Loki is upset because he can’t sit on the windowsills anymore. The windows are so thick they definitely took up a lot more surface area! We’re going to get him those little shelf things for the rooms he actually likes doing that in.

Mother-in-law was actually up, too. She was going to spend the week with her mother and then they left for Key West yesterday, so she would have missed seeing us. We mostly just puttered around the house with me trying to stop her from cleaning, etc! We did have to run out and buy somethings, plus pick up a tasty lunch. They ended up being here until around 10pm! We ate pizza for dinner out on the deck. It was nice. We weren’t expecting to see them again after that, but father-in-law texted us on Friday and asked us to meet them for dinner. We never turn down free food!

Our breastfeeding class was on Tuesday, at the hospital we plan to give birth at. I was pleasantly surprised. They gave me some information about the hospital that really calmed some of my worries. I really want breastfeeding to work and I’m adamant about going as pain-free as I possibly can. I’m a bit of a control-freak and I don’t like the idea of “being out of my mind.” I also don’t like the risks of anaesthesia. I’ve never had surgery before, but with any other kind of pain relief, I’ve been extremely resistant. I’ve heard of failed epidurals and the like and I’d just rather not if I can stand it.

Husband wasn’t the only guy there, which was nice! The teacher was one of the lactation consultants at the hospital and I was so happy when she emphasized the importance of having a support person. Husband has been very supportive–he’s the one who was deadset on breastfeeding from day one, he’s a chemist, he knows about formula, lol–and I’m glad for it, because no one else around us is. We come from the formula fed generation, so I keep hearing things like: “your boobs are going to sag to your knees” or “ew, why would you want a baby hanging off you?” from my MIL and others. It’s not discouraging, because I’m ridiculously stubborn, but it is annoying.

They also went over the whole “you can’t starve your baby” thing when it came to breastfeeding in its infancy and why most people fail or back out. I’ve been reading tons of books and have come to my own conclusions about things, but I’m certainly glad to have them backed from a medical standpoint. Husband and I are in complete agreement, too. I’m just hoping everything works out.

My baby showers are this month! I’m anxious about them, though I’m trying not to be. My one friend and coworker was nice enough to set up one for my at work and my husband assures me that people participate because they feel obligated to. I don’t want anyone to feel obligated, but I also don’t want all of her hard work to be for nothing, either. The work one is next Friday while my family one is the week after that on a Saturday. I’m a little sad that the only person from my side of the family will likely be my aunt, but at this point, I kind of just want them over with so we can stop being in this weird limbo of not knowing what we need. I just want to start getting everything together and ready! I’ve stopped buying most things because I don’t want to overbuy or have things duplicated at the shower. We’ll see, though. I’m anticipating a ton of a clothing she’ll never wear. That’s what happened to my cousin!

Husband’s new job is going great. He’s so much easier to deal with now that his stress level has declined significantly. It’s also nice having him home on the weekends, though I feel like I’m slacking off. I never get anything done with him around! We’ve had this schedule for years, so it’s definitely going to take some adjusting. I’m just glad he’ll get to spend weekends at home when we have the baby and not have to miss out.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement

Our house is finally painted, hooray! I absolutely love the color. We were worried at first, as it went on very light, but it darkened as it dried. It looks awesome! We still need to pick a color for the shutters, though. We’ll likely do that sometime this week. There’s some touch-up spots still to take care of and father-in-law accidentally hit our front door with the paint sprayer, but that’s okay. We’re going to repaint all of the brown trim.


I took the picture before they were finished, so the bottom windows still have the old color above them. This is one of the pictures I took hurriedly on my phone for the mother-in-law, who was with her family this weekend.

The transformation is amazing! With everything all done, even without the shutters and the old windows, it looks so much better. It looks new! We’re really excited. It was an exhausting day for them, they started at 10am and didn’t finish up until around nearly 8pm… whew! We ended up having to buy around 3 more gallons of paint, too. We have plenty left over for touching up areas and should anything go awry once it rains…


During the week, we stopped off at Home Depot on the way home to pick up some stuff and ended up buying a patio set that was on clearance. It was originally around $800 and we got it for just under $400! It’s heavy, wrought iron and I love the chairs. They only had the floor model left, so it was already assembled. They picked it up today.

Having furniture on the deck and the house painted just makes me want the deck done even more. That’s our next big project, after the windows. They should be in next week, hopefully. The in-laws leave for Key West at the end of the month, so we’re hoping to squeeze in the windows before they’re gone for a week!

Working on the house just became easier because the husband finally got the job he applied for! He’s no longer a forensic analyst, he is technically IT now… though we’re not in the same ‘section’ of it. He’s in the programming and data management part and works for my old boss. The IT section as a whole underwent a massive structure change this past month, so everything has been kind of crazy. We were worried the husband’s transfer wasn’t going to go through… but it did! Now he’s earning $10k more a year and we’ve jumped up another income bracket… which is both good and bad. I jokingly said his raise is going to our baby’s daycare, which will be around $8,200 a year… yikes!

Speaking of which, we toured the daycare this week and were amazed. It is seriously the most amazing daycare I’ve ever seen. All the worries I had about taking her there were washed away. I’m also super glad I got on the waiting list when I did. We’re still not technically on the infant waiting list, because she hasn’t been born yet, but I was assured that with how preemptive I was, that it shouldn’t be an issue to get a spot. Here’s hoping! I’m planning on only being off work until March, which will give me around four months maternity leave and only a month or so of that will be paid.

Baby shower stuff is all scheduled. My one at work is September 12th and the family one is September 20th. It’s all kind of crazy. I’m really hoping that family pulls through and helps us out with the stuff we really need. All of this home improvement is putting a major dent in our finances and we still need to buy a car before the baby gets here… sigh.

I’m starting to feel really huge and my motor skills are pretty much nonexistent. I’m constantly dropping food on myself or making messes. It’s super annoying. I also find pretty much every position that isn’t fully reclined uncomfortable. Sitting up, standing, or being at my desk for long periods of time are really starting to hurt my back. I’ve been trying to do the exercises recommended by my Bradley Method book, but I’m usually just more for taking a bath.

With the husband no longer working OT on weekends, I’m hoping we can really ramp up how much we get done before the baby gets here. Her room still needs to be finished–we’ve made zero progress since the drywall was hung forever ago. Husband says he can’t do the mudding right, so we’ve got to figure out something. I don’t want this coming down to the wire. I’d like to start organizing so we’re not just throwing things in her room after the baby showers.

I’m really hoping my side of the family pulls through with what they said they were buying or would like to buy. It would help us out a lot. I would never demand or dictate what someone buys, but we need furniture and necessities over outfits or anything else. Between buying a car and me being off for a few months without pay, we need all the help we can get. It’s only because of the financial cushion we always keep that we’re able to keep up this pace with home repairs and that. It’s definitely catching up with us! We want to have at least $8-9k to put down on a car and we’re sitting at that in the bank right now… which will change quickly. We haven’t paid for the windows yet and those are $1,600.

I’m just thankful that the in-laws have been so helpful. We’re not wasting money paying people to do things, so it’s costing us a great deal less. They even paid for the wood to replace our deck steps, which helped out a lot!

I’m doing my best not to stress out about it and just sort of try and let things happen as they will. I only have so much control. I’ve just got to keep spending to a minimum and only on the necessities (I really need to stop looking at Zulily!) We’ll make it through, we always do. We’re much better off than a lot of people when it comes to these sorts of things simply because we keep such a tight hold on our finances.

House Stuff

House Stuff

Every weekend since we got back from Key West seems to have been filled with house stuff. We’ve replaced things, fixed things, and even painted things. Of course, amidst all of this, we still haven’t finished the baby’s room! Still, we lose the father-in-law’s help come September, so it’s a mad rush to get everything done before then. The biggest projects we’ve got looming are painting the house and replacing the windows. We ordered the windows, but they won’t be here for another week or two yet. We’ll likely spend next weekend painting the house.

The husband and father-in-law are currently outside replacing the deck stairs. I had warned everyone that they needed it, as steps are always the first thing to go! No one listened until one of the steps nearly came out from under me. Once that happened, it was a rush to get everything secured. I’m glad everyone wants me to be safe, but I wish that they had listened to me in the first place.

I’m officially in my third trimester. Our doctor’s appointment last Thursday marked the change from once a month to every two weeks. It’s sort of hard to fathom that so much time has passed since we found out in March. Where did the time go? It’s nearly Fall and almost all of the schools down here are back in session. Yikes! We are going to see the daycare this week on Thursday, too.

My symptoms haven’t been that bad, though my ass is growing at an alarming rate now. I’m still trying to be careful with what I’m eating, but my appetite can’t always be denied. I’ve never felt a hunger like this before! To make matters worse, husband is adamant about me not starving the baby, so he’s always trying to feed me. I know I shouldn’t complain, but I really do not want to gain all the weight back I just lost. I’m almost up 20 pounds now and I’ve just entered the trimester where you’re set to gain the most!

All the baby shower stuff is set up, for the most part. I’m not directly involved in any of the planning and I’m extremely grateful for the thought and effort those who are have put into them… but I can’t help but feel sick and anxious about it. I’m never good at these things. I’m always afraid. I was never a very popular kid and while I did have some birthday parties, all of that stopped once I became a teenager. I’m plagued with thoughts of “what if no one wants to come” and “what if people don’t want to buy me things.” Never mind the fact that I hate expecting people to get me stuff. It’s my baby and I should be responsible for it. I’m grateful for any help people want to provide, but I don’t want anyone feeling obligated!

I haven’t voiced any of these aloud, as I feel like an idiot. I don’t really want to do the ‘woe is me’ thing. Whatever happens, happens, I guess. I’ll roll with it. It’s all that I can really do.

And now, for more bump pictures… because holy crap is it growing!