Key West 2014

Key West 2014

We went to Key West June 29th through July 6th. It was our last “hurrah” before the baby comes and the last time we’ll be in Key West as just a family of two! Thinking about that was really, really weird. It’s such a hard concept to grasp, just how much is going to change by next year at this time. It makes my head hurt just trying to think about it.


Needless to say, we were amped up and ready to have an awesome time. I was a bit bummed I couldn’t enjoy the local flavors (read: wine–lots and lots of wine), but I had fun eating my way through the place nonetheless. My appetite was beginning to come back and even better, I was branching out and trying things I never thought I’d be able to eat. Suddenly, I’m eating tacos, burgers, and all sorts of things that I’ve turned my nose up before. Clearly, this child favors the husband!


We celebrated our anniversary at our favorite place, as we have done for the past years since getting married in Key West–Pepe’s. It’s an authentic Cuban restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating that also has a Cuban band that plays in the evenings. The in-laws came along with us and were a bit of a buzzkill, but it was a good memory nonetheless. We may have been on an airplane home on our true anniversary date, but in spirit, we were at Pepe’s!


This time, we stayed at the downtown Hyatt location and it was amazing. We were within walking distance to Duval and all the cool stuff we love doing. It was so nice just being able to walk a block to one of our other favorite Key West locations–Mattheessen’s! It’s a locally owned and run ice cream shop that we spent around $80 alone at this trip. ;) In fact, we spent a LOT of money this trip with the excuse that it’s our last chance at really doing so for awhile. So glad we’re financially sound enough to do these things.


The entire trip was a blast. We had so much fun and we felt amazing the entire time. My belly was really starting to show, so I felt a little awkward at times, but I eventually got over it. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to do this! We originally were not going to Key West this year after I found out that I was pregnant. The plan had been to go down in October, during Fantasy Fest, but after the rug was yanked out from beneath us with the sudden pregnancy, that was no longer an option. Not only would it be weird to be pregnant during such a time in Key West, it’s way too close to my due date.

Convinced we needed the trip anyway, the in-laws bought us plane tickets to go with them in July. It was really kind of them. We ended up on different flights and going different ways, but it was all worth it. The husband and I are very good at navigating situations together and the airports were not a problem… except Detroit. We had around eight minutes to get across the airport and onto our next plane. Running while pregnant is a task, let me tell you! Especially when you’ve got your carry-on. Yikes.


Our last day was spent on the Floridays, for a sunset sail. The sunset ended up being cloudy and I bruised my tailbone sitting on the ship, but it was all worth it. It was a great end to a fantastic vacation, even if I couldn’t have any wine! Afterwards, we had a late dinner at Margaritaville, enjoyed some live entertainment, and then went back to the condo. We had to be up at 1am to head towards the Miami airport, though. That Sunday was a long day.


We came home with a lot of awesome memories and some equally awesome stuff. The husband insisted a get a ring from Mel Fisher’s, even though I’d only gone in to grab a chain for the butterfly pendant he’d bought me in Arizona. I have several necklaces and charms from them. We buy one every year we go! This time, I walked away with a very cool and unique looking tax stamp ring. I’m glad the husband pushed me to buy it, as I would have regretted leaving it once we got home. I wear it daily, even though I have issues getting used to rings on my hands! I find I like accessorizing more now that I’m pregnant.

It’s still so hard to fathom that our next actual trip will be as a family of three. We’ll be packing into the car and driving six hours to Pennsylvania to celebrate baby’s first Christmas with my family. It’s their Christmas this year! Should be interesting.

Bras, Bras, BRAS!

It has come to that point in my pregnancy–the point where all the things I love are slowly whittled away and all that I’m left with is over-sized clothing that is both ill-fitting and unflattering. Woo. It all began when my underwear split on me towards the end of last week. I lost a bunch of weight and went down to ‘S’ size in Victoria Secret. Unfortunately, my ass has abruptly decided that it can no longer be contained in the stifling confines of size ‘S’. Fantastic.

Luckily enough, I still have underwear from before my weight gain that had been regulated down to ‘that time of the month’ underwear. As shameful as it is for me to admit my ass (and hips) are rapidly expanding, I’m okay with having a safe alternative that is not the much loathed ‘granny panty.’ The same can not be said for my bras, however.

Since I’ve had boobs, I’ve leaned towards pretty bras. I wore the wrong size forever and after a lot of back pain, finally sized myself properly with a lot of research and assistance. I went from wearing a 36B to a 36D (Victoria’s Secret sized me) and then to a 32DDD. That last size has been my saving grace. My shoulders are now squared and without pain, my back no longer aches from hefting the substantial weight of my boobs (I am not a ‘big girl’, but I am also not a ‘petite’ girl either; I have a long, narrow torso and a lot of hips and boobs), and all was right with the world. Until the pregnancy happened. And my boobs decided to grow.

It all hit about three weeks or so ago. I’d avoided the boob growth and thought, foolishly, that I’d be fine and they wouldn’t expand to the size of anime levels of ridiculousness. I was wrong. Small animals could be lost (and subsequently smothered) in my bosom. My cleavage rivals that of the grand canyon. I am every Japanese businessman’s dream, and it is awful. Because my beautiful, lovely bras can no longer contain the sheer massiveness that are my  mammaries.

The realization that I would eventually need to hand in my laced and decorated bras with sizable price tags for nursing gear was always there. I just had the expectation that the trade-in wouldn’t result in me wanting to murder everyone who ever manufactured a bra for mums-to-be or nursing women. It seems, that in the world of post-natal, the size ’32’ does not exist. Especially not in sizes beyond ‘B.’ Are you freaking serious right now?!

Unless, of course, I want to pay the sizable price tag of $65+. I’m already doing that for my per-existing, pretty bras! Why would I toss that kind of cash at something that’s going to be smothered with milk and unraveled by tiny, prying baby hands?! Clearly, the only women giving birth out there that are also a 32 band size are freaking millionaires. Hell, any woman that is a 32 is pretty much screwed if she wants to pay anything less than $30-40, as most stores like Target and Walmart don’t even carry 32 band sizes. If they do, you’ll find only a meager selection of A’s and B’s. Seriously, seriously?!

We’re going on a hunt soon, but it’s not going to be a fun one. I’m going to attempt to try a 34. I already know how it’s going to end. I’m already resigning myself to the possibility that I’ll spend the latter days of my pregnancy and the beginnings of my days as a mother in ill-fitted, pain-inducing bras. I’m saddened by this. I’m using my boobs for their intended purpose and I’m being punished for it.

I can’t go through boobie muffin top for much longer without things getting just plain awkward at work, so I’m going to be forced to find a solution. Sigh. Trying on bras is the worst.

Well, That’s a Bump…

Well, That's a Bump...

My stomach has gone insane. I have a serious case of ‘bumpage’ going on here. It’s insane. I’m scared. Everyone else asked if I was excited and I’m not. Not at all! I’m terrified of the thought of not seeing my toes again. I check the scale constantly to assure myself that all this weight isn’t just me becoming a giant whale, it’s the baby’s fault. I just lost around forty pounds and I’m forever fearing that I’m going to just gain it all back. It’s really disheartening.

The change was so abrupt and sudden, too. Like… bam! say goodbye to your abdomen. It just happened, all at once. Even the husband was amazed. One day I looked normal, just slightly broad and maybe a little boated in the middle and the next I looked pregnant. Not that any of this bad, it means she’s growing, it means I’m not so sick I can’t function anymore… but it’s still scary to feel so out of control of your own body. I’m pretty adamant about starting back exercising next week. At least then I won’t feel like such a layabout.

She’s moving a lot now, too. More than I thought possible and it’s a little disturbing to think that this is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s definitely uncomfortable at times, as she has this way of pressing or causing pressure on my cervix that makes me feel like she’s going to fall out! Definitely not a good time when that happens. Thankfully, as things have ‘moved up’ my abdomen, this issue has lessened significantly. Now I’m just having breathing issues sometimes, sigh. I think that’s more to do with my massive boobs than anything else. I was a 32DDD (equivalent of a typical 36D) before pregnancy. I don’t even want to know what I technically am now. I don’t want to go that far down the alphabet…

The husband finally got to feel her for the first time last night. She was moving around as we were settling into bed and I took his hand and placed it on my belly where I could feel her stirring. It took a moment or two, but eventually she moved and his eyes widened. He looked at me and asked, “was that you?” No, that was her. He was shocked and she did it again. It definitely wasn’t the sensation he was expecting. He said it was so abrupt and sudden, like she was trying to punch her way out!

I eventually rolled over to go to sleep and she really started kicking up a storm. I grunted a little and the husband asked me if I was all right and I explained what was happening. What happened next was both the most adorable and hilarious thing: he looked at my stomach and in a firm, fatherly tone said: “stop that. She’s trying to sleep!” I laughed so hard, that’s just too cute right there.


Stupid Cords!

Stupid Cords!

We got back from Key West on Sunday, but unfortunately, I can’t upload or even access any of the pictures without moving them from the card into the laptop, from the laptop onto the external HD, and then from that to this computer. I’ve lost ALL of my cords that connect the camera itself to the PC. So annoying. That post will have to wait. Sigh.

We got to see Mary, the husband’s former coworker and close friend (affectionately called “sister wife” by me) when we got back. She was in town for something else and stayed an extra day to meet us. We met up at Chinese. It was nice to see her again.

I got a certified letter from the second job basically saying I failed to fulfill my quota and was being let go. This contradicts what I was told by my manager, but that’s standard practice for retail. I was planning on quitting soon enough anyway, I’m just mad I didn’t get to do it before they let me go! I’m also a little disappointed I didn’t get to make more use of my discount. Oh well…

I’ve made some big steps as far as preparing for the baby goes since we got home. I’ve set up a consultation with the pediatrician and have us on the waiting list for the daycare of our choice. Given how freaking early I am (I’m not expecting to return to work until March), there shouldn’t be any issues provided we get her the information ASAP once the baby is born. That’s one less thing to worry over. I still need to call and register us for the birthing class/tour at one of the hospitals. There’s also the matter of baby showers and whatever the hell is going on with that. I’m getting so much conflicting information that it’s driving me nuts. I hate stuff like that anyway, it just seems like such a big hassle.

The husband is upstairs toiling away at mudding the dry wall in the baby’s room. He still needs to help me nail down a name. He is a slow thinker, though. I just want to have something to call her other than “the baby.”

He also got his anniversary present of a massive grill before we left, but he didn’t get a chance to use it. We’ve been breaking it in this week! It’s so nice to have a proper grill again, though I’ll miss the tastiness of the tiny charcoal one we’d been using.


Next baby appointment is tomorrow after work. She’s been moving a lot and I can feel her if I place my hand on my stomach. Today was the first time my hand actually moved in response to her movements. It’s still really subtle, but it’s getting more pronounced as time goes on. I’ll be in the third trimester in a few short weeks–it just seems so unreal. Everything feels like it’s speeding by.

Just a quick entry while I have the chance. I really want to get better about making a commitment to chronicle things, especially since everything is going to get crazy hectic once the baby is finally here.

Where does the time go?

The first few weeks I found out, everything seemed to move so slowly. It was as if I were trudging through the thickest pudding imaginable. I was miserable, though, so that probably had a lot to do with it. I kept thinking, “what if this never ends?” Which, in retrospect, probably didn’t help matters any but I really was at the depths of absolute misery. Once someone gave me a light at the end of the tunnel to keep an eye out for (my doctor gave me an estimated date as to when my symptoms would lessen significantly), everything seemed okay. I powered on through those early weeks, continually reminding myself that, “this too, shall pass.” And it did, thank God.

I can eat fairly normally now, though re-learning tastes isn’t fun. A lot of things I used to love are no longer palatable. I’ve discovered that keeping a giant bottle of Tic Tacs or some gum on hand is very helpful in ridding of that awful taste that lingers in my mouth. That helps my appetite a lot. I’ve put on a few pounds now and my belly is definitely showing. I’m so anxious, though. I don’t want to get huge. I keep saying that mantra over and over again in my head and it seems to help me from being too much of an absolute glutton.

We leave for Key West in the morning. It will be the first time I’m flying without the in-laws and just traveling with the husband. I’m not too worried, as he has a bit more experience with airports than I do and there will be less drama between him and his parents. We’ll meet up with the in-laws in Miami and then the drive to Key West begins! I’m nervous about going back through Miami on our return flight, but I’m trying not to obsess over it.

We still haven’t decided on a name. The husband is coming around to the names I’d picked out (because he didn’t have anything to bring to the table, at all.) It’s weird, though. The name I was absolutely in love with if we had a girl just doesn’t seem right somehow. Right before I found out my cousin was having a boy and I began to feel that my own wasn’t a boy as we’d thought (and the husband falsely proved), I had a dream and a name I’d been kicking around just sort of stood out. It was in my dream and that was her name and it was perfect somehow. Which is ridiculous. I’m not wishy-washy in the least and so I cringe even typing that, but it’s the truth. Since then and especially since we found out that it was, in fact, a girl… I’m stuck on that name. I sort of told the husband that yesterday when he told me he’d decided he liked the name he didn’t initially like…

I just say it aloud and it isn’t right, but the other one is. It’s like a choice was made and it’s divine, pregnancy intervention or something. Ha! Again, what is it with pregnancy hormones and that ridiculousness? Even so, it would be so like a child of mine to demand to choose her own name. I wish I could give her the longer version of it, but knowing that she has to be able to spell it in kindergarten and it’s fairly long (1o letters)… it seems wise to go the shorter route. We’ll see, though.

As far as registries, day care, and pediatricians… I’m procrastinating hardcore. I bought some cute outfits, but that’s about it. Oh! I did email the day care and ask what their infant waiting list was like yesterday. Not sure when/if I’ll hear back. If not by the end of vacation, I’ll bite the bullet and call them because I really like this place and would prefer it. I’m planning on calling the pediatrician that my coworker who recently had a baby is using, because she says she’s really awesome and she’s accepting new patients. Thinking about all of this stuff makes me very anxious, however. So, I’m trying to keep it organized without obsessing. We also need to tour hospitals and make a final decision there, but my doctor assured me there was no rush. Have I mentioned how awesome my doctor is? He is. Let’s just hope his plans for my birth and my plans align. We haven’t discussed that yet.

I am finally able to play video games again, which is just amazing after months of being away. It’s very calming for me. It’s also significantly less lonely, as the husband is right next to me and often we’re playing one together. Being holed up in the living room all alone sucked. I keep reminding myself that it’s going to happen again, when I give birth and come home. I’ve pretty much decided that if I’m going to breastfeed, husband and I need to sleep separately and I’ll camp out in the living room with the baby. At least for the first month or so when her schedule is sure to be insane. He can be well-rested so he can function and more importantly, take care of me… which he did during the first part of my pregnancy, so I’m not worried.

It’s dawning on me that we really don’t need anyone else. I always make it a point not to rely on anyone for anything, but there’s always this little nagging need for someone to rely on. I don’t have my parents, my family, and his parents are dealing with their own stuff right now, so they’re not a lot of help (though they do help when they can.) In the end, though… it’s just us. We’re pretty capable of dealing with most of what we get tossed, me especially. I like knowing and not worrying that my husband will be able to fulfill the tasks set out before him by this difficult transition in our lives–in the end, it will be worth it. It’s just going to be hell before we get to that point!

Financially, we should be okay. I’m trying not to worry about the doctor bills, the labor and delivery bills, and the initial baby bills… all the furniture we have to buy. It’s very overwhelming. Everyone keeps telling me I’ll get stuff from family/etc, but they don’t realize that I don’t rely on my family. I can’t. My dad’s side has claimed they’d love to do this and that, but so far, I’ve not seen anything. Again, I don’t want anything from them, either. For me, being independent and taking care of myself is second nature. Relying on other people is very, very dangerous.

I’m hoping when we get back from Key West, the husband will have the gumption to finish the baby’s room. At the very least, I’d like the drywall and mudding to be finished. Also, the loose boards on our back deck need screwed in. He’ll probably do that today when he mows. He’ll also be–hopefully–switching jobs soon, so that will take a lot of stress off of him.

I really need to update this more, but I’m so scatterbrained anymore.