Let’s Never Do THAT Again…

Well, we’re moved in. We’ve been sleeping here since Saturday. We moved some stuff on Saturday and then the bulk of it on Sunday. Let’s just say… it was harrowing. I look like I belong to Fight Club. It was mostly just me, the husband, and the in-laws. Two coworkers were nice enough to help us with some of the bigger stuff! We didn’t end up getting a Uhaul like I wanted… so it was quite the endeavor.

We turned in our keys today and took one last look at our now empty apartment. It was really bittersweet. That apartment was our first true venture into independence and we were there for four years… seeing it empty was kind of sad. All that remains of us being there are the dents in the carpet. Those will be erased, as will any sign of us ever having lived there. Someone else will come in and it will be as if we were never there at all. Kind of a somber thought.

The new house is great, though. We’re settling in and getting things unboxed. My vanity is finally up! The husband got it for me for my birthday and I can’t wait to get all of my makeup sorted out on it. :) I’m waiting to take pictures until after everything isn’t a complete mess.

I really wish everyone wasn’t freaking out about the storm happening right now. Actually, I wish there wasn’t even a threat of a winter storm. We’re supposed to leave for Pennsylvania tomorrow! This is our first year not working Black Friday in a long time and I’m already pissed I can’t spend as much time with my family as I want–this storm is only making it worse.

Crossing my fingers and hoping that we can still make it and this is all just one big media shitstorm VS an actual, legitimate storm that will cause damage and prevent me from seeing my family…

Time to take my mind off of it and go pack and then watch some Sleepy Hollow.