Things have slowly been going better with Evangeline and nursing. I’m basically force feeding her every opportunity that I get! If she doesn’t finish a full feed at the breast, then I pump, and give her what comes out in a bottle. This isn’t something I’ll continue once she “catches up”, as babies will overeat easily. Right now, though, it’s all about packing those calories in so she can grow and her brain can develop properly!

The baby scale definitely helps. She’s gaining several ounces a day so far. I haven’t done any feeding weighs yet. I may or may not, depending on how things go.


We had our first outing alone yesterday. I took her into work to visit. It was also my first time driving the new car (and driving in general for two months!) After we stopped at work, we continued on to Target, stopped at Petsmart, and then grabbed lunch and headed home. She only fussed a little at work, due to over-stimulation, and then a little bit in Petsmart because she was tired. She slept on the way home and remained asleep in her car seat for almost a full hour and a half nap!


It was a busy day in general, as the in-laws came up to deliver our futon couch. We went out to eat for father-in-law’s birthday, Eva’s second restaurant outing! By the time we got home, she was more than ready for bed. She was in her bassinet, asleep, by nine. She slept until three, too! Which I was greatful for. Sleep has been fleeting lately.


I’m officially six weeks away from returning to work. I’m still trying to work on my freezer stash when I can. The ability to leave the house with Eva confidently definitely makes things less bleak. I’ll be happy to return to work and some semblance of normalcy… but I’ll miss her, I can’t lie. I know she’ll enjoy daycare once she’s old enough to socialize properly… but with her being so young, it just seems wrong! At least I was able to go four months with her. I would never even consider staying home–that’s just not my bag. I like money, I like making money, and I like having a part of me that’s not 100% mother.

I remember the stress when the husband was the only one properly working and it was awful! Both my coworkers deal with this, living paycheck to paycheck, I just don’t know how they do it. It’s maddening. We’ll still have weekends and holidays with her. Plus, the vacations we’ll be able to take!

My dad and his wife are supposed to be visiting this weekend. He texted me that they made reservations, so perhaps it’ll actually happen! He hasn’t visited me once in the seven years since I moved here. They were supposed to visit directly after Christmas, but her kids gave them the flu. I really hope he comes down. I don’t even care if it’s just to meet Eva, I want him to visit!

My Aunt Beth (his sister) arrives next weekend, too. We’re both stoked about that, as my Aunt Beth is tons of fun! She was our saving grace during my dad’s wedding in Atlantic City and she visited during my pregnancy, too. It’ll be so fun to introduce her to Eva.

We’ve been doing some deep cleaning, which is nice! I finally got to tackle our bedroom and closet. I purged all of my clothes from my second job. No more black everywhere! I only kept a few pieces I knew I’d make use of. I still have more purging to do, but three bags worth seems good for now. I got rid of some other stuff and some of the husband’s stuff, too.

We need more plastic bins to store things in and another set of plastic drawers to help keep the closet from going into chaos again. I’ve also been eyeing an accent table to put in our little stairway area, so we have a place to put mail and whatnot… but the current depth is 12 inches and most things are 14+ inches. If we redo the railing, we’d have plenty of room… but that requires us to redo all of the railing… which I want to do, but is quite the task for right now.