Thanksgiving 2015

It’s so crazy to think that another Thanksgiving has come and gone! The holiday season is upon us… my favorite time of year. Hopefully I get to enjoy it a bit more this year–I was cooped up and confined to the house last year due to Evangeline being so young. I really love the hustle and bustle, the lights and decorations, pretty much everything about being out this time of year!

Enough about that, more on Thanksgiving itself.


We spent the night at the in-laws, which was fun. I always miss the comfort of our bed and home when we’re away, but I know the in-laws absolutely love having that extra time with Eva. She pretty much spent the entirety of Thanksgiving day in her grandpa’s arms!  My father-in-law’s parents came down to spend Thanksgiving with us and even my mother-in-law’s hermit-like mother was there, which was awesome. It was really nice having so much family gathered together… especially my husband’s. It’s been years since we’ve had this many of his family members together for a holiday.


The in-laws cooked dinner, which we had around one in the afternoon. We arrived around eleven, so we had plenty of time to tool around beforehand. FIL decided to put Eva in the laundry basket and haul her around the house, which was pretty hilarious. Of course, this was her preferred method of transportation for the rest of the evening…


We had an ulterior motive for staying the night with the in-laws and that was Black Friday shopping! Now, we did not go out in the dead of night. We went out around 8am, but still. It was a lot of fun. Evangeline stayed home with grandma and we got to go out before the second wave hit while still scoring some decent deals. I miss Black Friday sometimes, it was fun when we worked it in food and retail. Maybe I just like punishment, but there was just this pride in tackling it and doing it like a boss. It was a thrill, an exhausting one, though.


We finally made it home around six o’clock or so, as on the way home, we made a few detours for some more shopping with Eva. We even braved Toys’r’Us. She’s really beginning to grasp the meaning of that store, haha. She’s constantly grabbing things or gesturing towards them. It’s cute, but it is also dangerous. We usually have to trick her out of giving something up once she’s got a hold of it…


It was a good holiday. There was family, shopping, and fun. My MIL’s mother was actually staying with them that week, so my husband got to spend lots of time with his grandma, which was awesome. They haven’t spent more than a few sparse hours together since just before I moved down here.

There were a few gaffs, like my FIL’s father asking me if my daughter knew me because she was in daycare. He also mentioned that I should be at home and not working. I just laughed it off and made a comment that it’s impossible for my daughter to not know me, I’m her sole source of food!

Even though watching Evangeline grow up so fast is painful, I’m really looking forward to more holidays with her. As she gets bigger and we get to make new traditions and see her eyes light up over things like Santa… it’s exciting. It brings the magic back. I just hope I can get our families to cooperate!