Christmas 2016


Christmas went well! We were up late wrapping and I was worried there wasn’t enough, to which my husband just gave me ‘the look’. Of course there was enough, she’s two, not twelve. The tree was pretty packed even though we had exchanged our gifts the night before. It was definitely enough… maybe too much, even.

She did well unwrapping but we had to give her some assistance. She opened two presents and then decided it was time to play. We had to urge her to keep going.

We also had dad and his wife’s presents that they wanted us to save for Christmas… so she had a ton of stuff to get through.


When finally the last present was unwrapped, we let her play around while we tried to get ready. We were heading to Parkersburg to meet up with the husband’s extended family. It was a pretty hectic morning.

We both went overboard getting each other presents. The husband surprised me with a freaking Playstation 4 and his big gift was a telescope. He said he was determined to out-do me this year. We both got each other a bunch of stuff, so I’d say we were pretty even. ;)


Going to Parkersburg was fun. I always enjoy spending time with his mother’s side of the family! We gathered at his aunt’s and had a great meal (she’s a fantastic cook!) Evangeline got to play with his cousin’s kids, who absolutely loved spending time with her, too. It was all around a good afternoon. Holidays are pretty hectic when you’re seeing family but I also kind of enjoy it.


We spent the last part of the day with his father’s parents. Their house is… interesting. There’s not a whole lot of room to move around. Even so, they love seeing Evangeline, so it’s definitely worth the trip out there.

It was a surprisingly drama free day, which was shocking. By the time we got home, we were beat.