First Snow of 2017


We¬†finally got some noteworthy snow for Evangeline to play in! It happened while we were at work, so I rushed out and bought her a some snowsuit overalls and boots. The roads were pretty bad for this area, but I don’t really mind driving in the snow. When we got home, we bundled her up and unleashed her upon it. Last year, she screamed and cried… this year, she was thrilled and fascinated.

She loved snowballs. The mean old husband introduced her to them a little too quickly for my tastes…


Granted, there wasn’t a ton of snow, which sucked, but you take what you can get down here. We’re in a valley area and it’s not often you get tons of snow (save the past few years of freak blizzards!) Even so, she had a lot of fun playing around in it and experiencing it. It was so fun to watch her.


We didn’t have any sleds on hand, so the husband tried in vain to make one out of a large container lid. This did not go well. I tried to ride down it with her and ended up tumbling through the snow, which was hilarious, but ineffective. Even so, Evangeline had a great time. I’m so glad she’s not afraid of the snow anymore.


Now she begs us to go out and play in the snow, which is sad, because I know it won’t stick around long. Snow never lasts here. We do our best to try and make sure she can enjoy it while it lasts but this winter isn’t looking like it’s going to particularly brutal with snow like the last few have! It seems as if ever since we moved into the house, we’ve been pummeled by huge amounts of snow.