In Like a Lion?

So, it’s March.  Holy crap.  I’m still kind of in shock.  This time, last year, I was preparing a small arsenal of things to haul with me down here to the Tri-State area.  I was still kind of apprenhensive about living with my soon-to-be in-laws and working.  Now it’s nearly been a year.  Damn.  It’s felt like more than a year, and yet in some ways, it hasn’t.  It’s weird how time works.  When you think it’s moving slowly, it’s actually zipping forward at record speeds.

Today, however, seems to be dragging on as slow as molasses.  Maybe it’s because I feel like a nervous mother who has just sent her child off to kindergarten.  The fiancé’s first day of work with the WV State Police as a Forensic Analyst began today, this morning, actually.  He left around 7:15am.  Of course, I woke up with him and demanded he eat breakfast.  I’m insanely maternal like that.  When he left, I went back to bed and awoke an hour or so later to Loki-cat sleeping in the little space where I had curled up.  His head was resting on my leg.  It made me happy and sad… sad mostly, because I miss my cat tremendously.  Especially when I wake up.  She always slept with me and I awoke to the sound of her purring.  I want so badly to have her with me again, it tears me up to leave her alone.  I can’t wait until we get an apartment.

The fiancé insists on working at his old job on weekends, so I’m still working Saturdays and Sundays.  This means I have every weekday off and I’ll be without the fiancé until at least 4pm.  I’m not even sure what to do.  It’d be different if this were my house, but it isn’t, so really… I don’t have any cleaning or maintenance to do.  I guess I’ll have to focus on wedding stuff and planning on when I need to go back to PA for a week.  Buh.  The wedding stuff is annoying, I didn’t want a ‘real’ wedding because of the annoyance… but it seems they are annoying no matter how small or minute.

I still need to get my dress altered and I have to pick out jewelry.  Which is easy, since most of it is cheap.  I also need shoes… not so easy.  I saw some jewelry at WalMart that was really shiny and pretty, but impossibly fake… but also very cheap.  Hey, it all looks the same in pictures, you know?  So if I can’t find anything else, I’ll definitely be getting that, because it would look great with my dress.  I am also probably the only female who didn’t know that people had ‘wedding showers’.  The conversation that resulted in this discovery was rather hilarious.

MIL, smiling: “Lee wants to throw you a shower!”

Me, incredulous: “…but I’m not pregnant!”

MIL, looking at me as if I have twenty heads: “NO!  A wedding shower!  God, sometimes I wonder what planet you’re from.”

Me too, MIL.  Me too.

And then, to make matters worse?  She busted into our room last night as we were relaxing and getting ready to go to bed.  She started tormenting my fiancé with a mother’s love, which is always hilarious.  She tries to hug and kiss him and he feigns repulsion and pushes her away.  She eventually pulls out some scissors and starts working them.  I jokingly ask her if she’s sure she wants to castrate her only chance at grandchildren.  She says the following:

“I had a dream last night.  You know, one of my dreams.  It was a cute little baby girl with a tag.  The tag said, ‘A Gift from God.’  I think it means someone who isn’t ready for a baby yet has one.  I wonder who?  I wonder what it means.”

Good thing she doesn’t know our planned name for our daughter, if and when we have one, is Evangeline.  That could’ve been messy…