Lost in a Time Vortex

There’s something about working a strict 8am to 4pm schedule that makes you feel as if you’ve suddenly been sucked into a time vacuum and spit out on the other side.  Granted, I’m only working two days a week, but even then, I feel like I’m in fast forward.  It feels like no sooner am I cleaning, that I’m working, and then I’m cleaning again.  There doesn’t seem to be any disruption despite the fact I’m doing other things.  The past few weekends have been spent outside, enjoying the nice weather, but that gets lost in the vortex of work and cleaning.  Weeks seem to skip by.  I’m definitely not used to this sudden increase in the way time moves.

It’s all perception, of course.  I’m not sure what it is about working, but it always seems to make time speed forward.  I’m happy with my schedule, two days a week suits me and it adds enough to our income to give us some flex room.  The job itself isn’t hard, either.  I’m mostly filing or doing odd jobs.  I do get to see some interesting things, though.  Working in Evidence Processing allows you access to pretty much everything.  At some point, I’ll be going through tons of old hair samples to catalogue them.  Right now, I’m just making most previous case evidence digital.

I’ve been spending a lot of time away from the internet.  I don’t mind the internet itself, but the community I’ve been wrapped in for the past five years has become tiresome.  I think I’m done.  I’ll think it over some more before making any hasty decisions, though.  I owe it that much.  I’ve even AFK’d from twitter and that’s just amazing…

Since summer is upon us (it was almost 80 degrees yesterday), I’ve decided that I need new flats.  My old flats are from GAP and while wonderful, are ruined.  I’m not sure how, but I stepped in dog crap and there’s suede lining around the bottoms.  So, after trying to clean them and failing miserably… it’s time for new shoes.  I found these originally on zappos, but they were out of my size.  Piperlime usually has a similar selection… and they actually had my size!

1105891-p-DETAILEDThey are almost exactly the same shape and form, so I’m quite excited.  The only difference is the sole doesn’t seem to be cushy like the ones I had before, but I’ll deal.  I love the honeycomb/silver combination!  The price was rather steep, $98 before tax.  I was surprised when my husband told me to go ahead and get them.  He usually balks at such steep prices for shoes!

I wish piperlime had zappos’ shipping, though.  I’m getting anxious waiting for them to get here.  Zappos does a thing where you can usually get free overnight, very is very nice.  I’m also waiting for my photo paper from Amazon to arrive… I’ve taken on the project of getting all our photos printed out and put into albums.  I’m still working my way through all the wedding/vacation photos from last July.  Yikes.

We’re not doing anything for Easter.  The in-laws are on their way to Key West with my husband’s maternal grandfather as I type this.  I’m a little bummed, but his family doesn’t really ‘celebrate’ Easter like mine did, despite being religious… which is a bit odd.  Oh well.