Hairy Decisions

So, I’m bored with my hair. I’ve been bleaching/dyeing it myself for a year now. Last year at this time, my hair was bleached out with purple crazy streaks all over. That was the first and last time I ever let a professional do my hair. Why? Because it cost over 100 dollars. No thanks! After that, I switched to Manic Panic. I used their bleach kits and hair color (I adore their hair colors and it’s the longest lasting I’ve found.) The bleach kits are cheap and quick, but annoying. I can’t do it myself because I have very thick hair, so I have to enlist the fiancé‘s help. Yeah, a straight guy bleaching my hair, do you see where this is going? Needless to say, I always end up with spots I need to redo. I love him to death, but hairstylist is not a future occupation he should pursue.

My process went like this:

  1. Wash hair with PH friendly shampoo
  2. Apply the bleach after it dries completely
  3. Let the bleach sit for about an hour
  4. Check it, fix any spots, and then let sit for ten minutes
  5. Wash it out completely
  6. Dry it, again, and wait
  7. Apply virgin snow toner color, let sit for an hour
  8. Wash it out, dry hair
  9. Ponytail or clip up all the hair NOT turning blue on the top of my head
  10. Apply the blue and let it sit for anywhere to an hour to several
  11. Wash it out WITHOUT removing the ponytail
  12. Dry it, again, without removing ponytail
  13. Now, finally, remove ponytail and enjoy!

Long and arduous process much? I’ve been doing this about every 3 months for a year. These are the products I’ve been using:

Volume 30 Bleach Kit, $10.80

Virgin Snow White Toner/Mixer, $15.00


Both are $15.00, but I prefer Shocking Blue, it’s darker and lasts much longer.

With S&H, it’s all a little over $40! Which is considerably less than a salon. Seriously.

Anyway, the point of the matter is, I’m TIRED of doing this. I don’t want to do it anymore, let’s do something NEW! AND! EXCITING! Yes, I am one of those people. My hair also needs a bleach break. For those not in the “know”, bleach? Yeah, it’s not good for your hair. My hair is a champ and so is my scalp. We laugh in the face of itchy, burn-y bleach and feel no pain. Unfortunately, my hair is showing that it’s “all bleached out” and so I must find an alternative.

Enter Garnier. I love me some Garnier! Their stuff just smells awesome. Anyway, I was thinking about grabbing one of their all over color kits and hitting my hair with it, sans bleach. That would provide some interesting results, since I have dark roots (even though I am naturally blonde) bleached hair, and mostly faded blue parts. But hey, I’m all for experimentation.

I was going to get away from being a blonde for awhile, because every now and then I like to pretend I’m a red head or have unnaturally colored hair akin to cherry wood finish. But, the fiancé would likely freak out and die. What, tell him I’m changing my hair? He should just be glad I’m letting it grow out again. That’s another reason I need a change. I already have a little too much hair for the bleach kit to handle. So yeah, time to switch it up.

I also kind of wanted to surprise him. Which is dangerous, but hair is hair and he knows how I am. I am always changing it. I’m undecided as to what color I’ll use… it’s a toss-up between the following:


The second one is closer to my natural color, but the first one looks like my hair after it’s bleached/toned. Plus it matches my skin better. I’m still planning on doing the blue, but when my hair gets really long, I’ll have to change that, too. Streaks, maybe? Who knows. We’ll see if I can actually get off my butt and go get hair color. I’m still undecided and a little too sick to be contemplating such brave moves!

This one is still totally tempting, though, even though I know the fiancé would throw a fit. He isn’t into red heads.

All the colors are below $10.00, so that’s pretty sweet. I guess we’ll wait and see how I’m feeling today. If I’m feeling particularly plucky and can make my way to the Walmart, well then, watch out! I really need to find some pictures of my hair in the meanwhile… ones where I don’t look like I’m just starting High School.