Weight Loss

I was always relatively thin. I was born with an hourglass shape (hips and boobs forever, but my torso is super long and naturally ‘pinched’), but this is both a blessing and a curse. My legs are short and stocky; my shoulders are quite broad. I’m not obese, but any extra weight on me does not sit well on my frame.

After a lifestyle change, birth control, and getting married… I gained a significant amount of weight. I went from a slightly unhealthy 120 lbs to 160 lbs. This all happened over the course of five or so years. It’s time to shed it. I want to feel healthy again.

My goals are simple and ideally, I only want to get down to and maintain 140 lbs. For me, I like being a little bit ‘curvy’, so I don’t want to be rail thin. I want to be toned and healthy without being miserable. I’m going to reward myself with one of my favorite (and very expensive) addictions… makeup.

It’s not a diet. I’m changing my eating habits to be healthier, I’m exercising for around 20-40 mins five times a week after work, and I’m drinking a lot of water. These are all things that can be maintained.


Starting Weight: 168 lbs

Goal Weight: 140 lbs (November 2013)

Ending Weight: 126 lbs (achieved February 2014)


I achieved my goal and beyond by simply removing harmful foods entirely (soda) or cutting down on things I was eating and only have them now and again (sweets, etc.) Portion control has never really been an issue for me, as I don’t eat a whole lot at once, so once I trained myself to stick to portions and not to just “eat for pleasure”, the weight started dropping with all the exercise. I started out exercising heavily for about an hour, doing intense cardio and then I switched to a more relaxed pace with cardo for about fifteen minutes and finished up with some toning for the the next ten minutes. So, I was only working out anywhere from twenty-five to thirty minutes a day.

The biggest thing was just the lifestyle change. That helped immensely. Cooking smarter meals at home, not snacking late into the night (I’m a HUGE snacker), and just sort of making more intelligent decisions for snacks in general when I did. I didn’t completely eliminate all the things I loved, I just ate them more sparingly and learned to enjoy them more. Soda I stopped drinking entirely because it began to taste horrible to me and water replaced it. My body began to crave water and that’s what I wanted.

The ‘reward system’ definitely helped, too. Rewarding myself for reaching goals made them more real to me, as for the longest time, I couldn’t actually ‘see’ the change. Even when I got to 126, it didn’t dawn on me until I realized none of my clothes fit and things I had given up on suddenly fit perfectly. It hit me like a ton of bricks!

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