Hairy Decisions

So, I’m bored with my hair. I’ve been bleaching/dyeing it myself for a year now. Last year at this time, my hair was bleached out with purple crazy streaks all over. That was the first and last time I ever let a professional do my hair. Why? Because it cost over 100 dollars. No thanks! After that, I switched to Manic Panic. I used their bleach kits and hair color (I adore their hair colors and it’s the longest lasting I’ve found.) The bleach kits are cheap and quick, but annoying. I can’t do it myself because I have very thick hair, so I have to enlist the fiancé‘s help. Yeah, a straight guy bleaching my hair, do you see where this is going? Needless to say, I always end up with spots I need to redo. I love him to death, but hairstylist is not a future occupation he should pursue.

My process went like this:

  1. Wash hair with PH friendly shampoo
  2. Apply the bleach after it dries completely
  3. Let the bleach sit for about an hour
  4. Check it, fix any spots, and then let sit for ten minutes
  5. Wash it out completely
  6. Dry it, again, and wait
  7. Apply virgin snow toner color, let sit for an hour
  8. Wash it out, dry hair
  9. Ponytail or clip up all the hair NOT turning blue on the top of my head
  10. Apply the blue and let it sit for anywhere to an hour to several
  11. Wash it out WITHOUT removing the ponytail
  12. Dry it, again, without removing ponytail
  13. Now, finally, remove ponytail and enjoy!


Remembering Key West…

I went to Key West, Florida with the fiancé and his parents on July 4th to the 14th. We were there for eleven days, but it’s a day and a half drive down and the same coming back. That’s right, we drove. I was a little anxious about that, I mean, being stuck a sedan with all your luggage for around 13 hours a day with your fiancé and his family… I love his parents, but come on. That is a recipe for disaster.

Luckily, I was wrong. We all got along fine and I got to hear some truly amusing stories. It was definitely cramped, though, with the fiancé and me in the backseat with the cooler and snacks. On the ride down, I spent a lot of time with my head resting on his lap and watching the clouds pass by. He spent all his time switching between reading I Am Legend and playing Final Fantasy Tactics A2. It was my first time going South, so it was interesting to watch the changes.



So, my results have come in and the answer is negative. I’m not sure how I feel about the news. I should be relieved, shouldn’t I? But I’m not really sure how I feel. What does that mean, then? What’s wrong with me? What in God’s name did I do to my hormones and I sure hope I can fix it… let it be known that I am never, ever skipping a period ever, ever again. Ever. No. I don’t care what I have to miss, never, ever again. Too much hassle, too much insanity.

I don’t really want to go to the next appointment they have set for Friday. I really, really don’t want to have to pay for another senseless visit. Especially when my yearly check-up is on the 26th. So that’s three of these damn exams. I’ve had enough people staring at my business, thanks. Can we stop now? He’s just going to lecture me on crap I already know and I swear to God, if he calls me “kiddo” again, I’ll scream. I know I look young, I know it’s hard to comprehend I’m really twenty-two, but I am. Please treat me with respect as a patient paying for your shit. It’s coming out of my pocket, not the insurance company’s. Trust me, I wish it was.

I just really hope the fiancé hears something from from the WV State Police Department next week. Please, please, PLEASE! That would be awesome. Because I want to leave, like, now. And as much as I love and adore his parents, I don’t want to mooch off them. I want to at least be freaking married. Even if I’m no longer even looking forward to it anymore… I just need some decent, good news right now. Really, really bad. How many times have I typed really? Way too many times, I’d wager.

Two weeks until the fiancé comes back. I don’t want to go back to work, but I do want to see him. It’s been two freaking months and that’s two months too long, especially when we’re used to seeing one another every day. Sigh.

The best thing to come out of today was the fact that I was right, I haven’t gained a single pound, in fact… I’ve shed several since I’ve come home. Very nice.

My freaking arm still hurts. I hate blood tests, hate.

If I hadn’t already bought shoes and a skirt from G.A.P. and Old.Navy (periods to prevent google), I’d want to buy more. Actually, I want to buy more anyway.’s soft collection, even sans robe, is very tempting but ridiculously expensive. Sigh.