House Stuff

House Stuff

Every weekend since we got back from Key West seems to have been filled with house stuff. We’ve replaced things, fixed things, and even painted things. Of course, amidst all of this, we still haven’t finished the baby’s room! Still, we lose the father-in-law’s help come September, so it’s a mad rush to get everything done before then. The biggest projects we’ve got looming are painting the house and replacing the windows. We ordered the windows, but they won’t be here for another week or two yet. We’ll likely spend next weekend painting the house.

The husband and father-in-law are currently outside replacing the deck stairs. I had warned everyone that they needed it, as steps are always the first thing to go! No one listened until one of the steps nearly came out from under me. Once that happened, it was a rush to get everything secured. I’m glad everyone wants me to be safe, but I wish that they had listened to me in the first place.

I’m officially in my third trimester. Our doctor’s appointment last Thursday marked the change from once a month to every two weeks. It’s sort of hard to fathom that so much time has passed since we found out in March. Where did the time go? It’s nearly Fall and almost all of the schools down here are back in session. Yikes! We are going to see the daycare this week on Thursday, too.

My symptoms haven’t been that bad, though my ass is growing at an alarming rate now. I’m still trying to be careful with what I’m eating, but my appetite can’t always be denied. I’ve never felt a hunger like this before! To make matters worse, husband is adamant about me not starving the baby, so he’s always trying to feed me. I know I shouldn’t complain, but I really do not want to gain all the weight back I just lost. I’m almost up 20 pounds now and I’ve just entered the trimester where you’re set to gain the most!

All the baby shower stuff is set up, for the most part. I’m not directly involved in any of the planning and I’m extremely grateful for the thought and effort those who are have put into them… but I can’t help but feel sick and anxious about it. I’m never good at these things. I’m always afraid. I was never a very popular kid and while I did have some birthday parties, all of that stopped once I became a teenager. I’m plagued with thoughts of “what if no one wants to come” and “what if people don’t want to buy me things.” Never mind the fact that I hate expecting people to get me stuff. It’s my baby and I should be responsible for it. I’m grateful for any help people want to provide, but I don’t want anyone feeling obligated!

I haven’t voiced any of these aloud, as I feel like an idiot. I don’t really want to do the ‘woe is me’ thing. Whatever happens, happens, I guess. I’ll roll with it. It’s all that I can really do.

And now, for more bump pictures… because holy crap is it growing!


Key West 2014

Key West 2014

We went to Key West June 29th through July 6th. It was our last “hurrah” before the baby comes and the last time we’ll be in Key West as just a family of two! Thinking about that was really, really weird. It’s such a hard concept to grasp, just how much is going to change by next year at this time. It makes my head hurt just trying to think about it.


Needless to say, we were amped up and ready to have an awesome time. I was a bit bummed I couldn’t enjoy the local flavors (read: wine–lots and lots of wine), but I had fun eating my way through the place nonetheless. My appetite was beginning to come back and even better, I was branching out and trying things I never thought I’d be able to eat. Suddenly, I’m eating tacos, burgers, and all sorts of things that I’ve turned my nose up before. Clearly, this child favors the husband!


We celebrated our anniversary at our favorite place, as we have done for the past years since getting married in Key West–Pepe’s. It’s an authentic Cuban restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating that also has a Cuban band that plays in the evenings. The in-laws came along with us and were a bit of a buzzkill, but it was a good memory nonetheless. We may have been on an airplane home on our true anniversary date, but in spirit, we were at Pepe’s!


This time, we stayed at the downtown Hyatt location and it was amazing. We were within walking distance to Duval and all the cool stuff we love doing. It was so nice just being able to walk a block to one of our other favorite Key West locations–Mattheessen’s! It’s a locally owned and run ice cream shop that we spent around $80 alone at this trip. ;) In fact, we spent a LOT of money this trip with the excuse that it’s our last chance at really doing so for awhile. So glad we’re financially sound enough to do these things.


The entire trip was a blast. We had so much fun and we felt amazing the entire time. My belly was really starting to show, so I felt a little awkward at times, but I eventually got over it. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to do this! We originally were not going to Key West this year after I found out that I was pregnant. The plan had been to go down in October, during Fantasy Fest, but after the rug was yanked out from beneath us with the sudden pregnancy, that was no longer an option. Not only would it be weird to be pregnant during such a time in Key West, it’s way too close to my due date.

Convinced we needed the trip anyway, the in-laws bought us plane tickets to go with them in July. It was really kind of them. We ended up on different flights and going different ways, but it was all worth it. The husband and I are very good at navigating situations together and the airports were not a problem… except Detroit. We had around eight minutes to get across the airport and onto our next plane. Running while pregnant is a task, let me tell you! Especially when you’ve got your carry-on. Yikes.


Our last day was spent on the Floridays, for a sunset sail. The sunset ended up being cloudy and I bruised my tailbone sitting on the ship, but it was all worth it. It was a great end to a fantastic vacation, even if I couldn’t have any wine! Afterwards, we had a late dinner at Margaritaville, enjoyed some live entertainment, and then went back to the condo. We had to be up at 1am to head towards the Miami airport, though. That Sunday was a long day.


We came home with a lot of awesome memories and some equally awesome stuff. The husband insisted a get a ring from Mel Fisher’s, even though I’d only gone in to grab a chain for the butterfly pendant he’d bought me in Arizona. I have several necklaces and charms from them. We buy one every year we go! This time, I walked away with a very cool and unique looking tax stamp ring. I’m glad the husband pushed me to buy it, as I would have regretted leaving it once we got home. I wear it daily, even though I have issues getting used to rings on my hands! I find I like accessorizing more now that I’m pregnant.

It’s still so hard to fathom that our next actual trip will be as a family of three. We’ll be packing into the car and driving six hours to Pennsylvania to celebrate baby’s first Christmas with my family. It’s their Christmas this year! Should be interesting.

Well, That’s a Bump…

Well, That's a Bump...

My stomach has gone insane. I have a serious case of ‘bumpage’ going on here. It’s insane. I’m scared. Everyone else asked if I was excited and I’m not. Not at all! I’m terrified of the thought of not seeing my toes again. I check the scale constantly to assure myself that all this weight isn’t just me becoming a giant whale, it’s the baby’s fault. I just lost around forty pounds and I’m forever fearing that I’m going to just gain it all back. It’s really disheartening.

The change was so abrupt and sudden, too. Like… bam! say goodbye to your abdomen. It just happened, all at once. Even the husband was amazed. One day I looked normal, just slightly broad and maybe a little boated in the middle and the next I looked pregnant. Not that any of this bad, it means she’s growing, it means I’m not so sick I can’t function anymore… but it’s still scary to feel so out of control of your own body. I’m pretty adamant about starting back exercising next week. At least then I won’t feel like such a layabout.

She’s moving a lot now, too. More than I thought possible and it’s a little disturbing to think that this is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s definitely uncomfortable at times, as she has this way of pressing or causing pressure on my cervix that makes me feel like she’s going to fall out! Definitely not a good time when that happens. Thankfully, as things have ‘moved up’ my abdomen, this issue has lessened significantly. Now I’m just having breathing issues sometimes, sigh. I think that’s more to do with my massive boobs than anything else. I was a 32DDD (equivalent of a typical 36D) before pregnancy. I don’t even want to know what I technically am now. I don’t want to go that far down the alphabet…

The husband finally got to feel her for the first time last night. She was moving around as we were settling into bed and I took his hand and placed it on my belly where I could feel her stirring. It took a moment or two, but eventually she moved and his eyes widened. He looked at me and asked, “was that you?” No, that was her. He was shocked and she did it again. It definitely wasn’t the sensation he was expecting. He said it was so abrupt and sudden, like she was trying to punch her way out!

I eventually rolled over to go to sleep and she really started kicking up a storm. I grunted a little and the husband asked me if I was all right and I explained what was happening. What happened next was both the most adorable and hilarious thing: he looked at my stomach and in a firm, fatherly tone said: “stop that. She’s trying to sleep!” I laughed so hard, that’s just too cute right there.