Tenative Christmas Gift List

‘Tis the season for giving… and being poor, apparently. We’re going Christmas gift shopping sometime this week, so I wanted to have a gift list somewhat ironed out by then. I’ve been chewing on it since early November, so I’ve got a pretty good idea of the gifts I want to get. A few of them are a tad pricey, but hopefully we can make them work. I’m forcing the fiancĂ© to get his parents something this year, too.

  • Portable DVD player – Dad (suggested)
  • Random Old Navy things – Mum (requested)
  • Handmade Blown Glass Bell – Grandma
  • Flash kit for Canon Rebel – Grandpa
  • A dual fryer-thingy – FIL
  • Random Bath & Bodyworks things – MIL (requested)
  • Cute Baby Clothes – Cousin & Husband

My shopping list is pretty small. Unfortunately, I have no idea what I’m getting the fiancĂ©. He apparently already got me something and won’t give me any hints… which is extremely worrying. I’m a horrible person to surprise. I usually hate it, because I’ll lay down hints and mention things and try to be subtle, yet get the point across about what I want. That’s how the boots came about. It apparently isn’t something I hinted at. He got me my iPod last year, which I had wanted a year prior. I adore it… but lightning rarely strikes twice.

Wow, how awful am I? I haven’t even received the gift yet. I just need to stop dwelling on it. It isn’t my fault no one ever surprises me, they learned it’s a bad idea. My parents let me shop for my own Christmas gifts and I always found the ones my grandma tried to hide.

This doesn’t help me with his present, though. He’s getting a very nice, very new electric razor, but that’s for me. Because I can’t stand the fact he won’t go buy a new one even though he needs it. Sigh. He is seriously hard to buy for.