First Snow of 2017

First Snow of 2017


We finally got some noteworthy snow for Evangeline to play in! It happened while we were at work, so I rushed out and bought her a some snowsuit overalls and boots. The roads were pretty bad for this area, but I don’t really mind driving in the snow. When we got home, we bundled her up and unleashed her upon it. Last year, she screamed and cried… this year, she was thrilled and fascinated.

She loved snowballs. The mean old husband introduced her to them a little too quickly for my tastes…


Granted, there wasn’t a ton of snow, which sucked, but you take what you can get down here. We’re in a valley area and it’s not often you get tons of snow (save the past few years of freak blizzards!) Even so, she had a lot of fun playing around in it and experiencing it. It was so fun to watch her.


We didn’t have any sleds on hand, so the husband tried in vain to make one out of a large container lid. This did not go well. I tried to ride down it with her and ended up tumbling through the snow, which was hilarious, but ineffective. Even so, Evangeline had a great time. I’m so glad she’s not afraid of the snow anymore.


Now she begs us to go out and play in the snow, which is sad, because I know it won’t stick around long. Snow never lasts here. We do our best to try and make sure she can enjoy it while it lasts but this winter isn’t looking like it’s going to particularly brutal with snow like the last few have! It seems as if ever since we moved into the house, we’ve been pummeled by huge amounts of snow.

July 4th

July 4th

Our fourth of July was rainy and dreary. It was kind of a depressing way to celebrate independence, but then again, the weather was probably a lot more true to the trials and tribulations our forefathers went through to get us there (not to mention the many who died in the pursuit of such freedoms!)


It was also our first official day back after Key West, so we were pretty “hung over” from traveling almost all day the day before. We chilled out at home and bought some fireworks which were marked down from a tent just outside the grocery store. It wasn’t our intention–we simply went for groceries–but then we saw the tent and it was on! Mortars are legal for us now, but we didn’t buy any.


Evangeline was enamored with the sparklers. I loved sparklers as a kid and we never really considered how dangerous they were, haha. They burn really hot, so you definitely don’t want to touch them. We kept a close eye on her while we had one, holding onto her arm so she didn’t try to touch it.


She was not, however, a fan of the bigger fireworks. All the loud bangs, pops, cracks, and definitely the whistles had her screaming in terror. It was hard not to laugh. I tried comforting her and holding her, but she didn’t care one bit. We had some pretty impressive bundles that shot off smaller mortars. I loved them, Evangeline did not.


I was just thankful we had a brief reprieve from the rain so that we could do this. It had just finished a downpour about ten minutes before we set off any fireworks! It’s been years and years, probably an entire decade, even, since I’ve really had any up-close experience with fireworks. I can’t even remember the last time I went to a show.

It’s really fun experiencing these things again with Evangeline. I love watching her face when she’s going through something new and exciting. As much as I hate to see her grow, I’m happy I get to see the world through her eyes a little. It’s like throwing a fresh coat of paint on something new.

First Trip to Tampa!

First Trip to Tampa!

The trip was not an easy one at first. It all started off simple enough. We were early for our flight, settled into the tiny gate area (this airport only has two very small gates) and we were ready to go! Unfortunately, when the plane arrived, it was not. Not only was it a little behind schedule, it had a maintenance issue. There was an emergency slide that had its electronics detached. It was a simple, ten minute fix that took five hours. They had someone drive from a city around four hours away to sign off on it.

We were stuck, in an airport, with an already agitated toddler… for five hours. Did I mention there wasn’t even any food? And this would span the length of lunch time? Yeah. Luckily, the airline had pizza brought in but even that took a few hours. All in all, it was exhausting, but we made it through. Evangeline was a trooper. I’m still impressed with her. The people waiting on the flight were all very nice and helpful, too.

We had an incident where Evangeline was desperate for boob and screamed, “BOOBIE! BOOBIE!” in the middle of the very crowded gate. Sigh. I did end up breastfeeding her openly. It’s so funny how you just stop caring after awhile. I made sure my shirt covered me, though. I’m not a fan of folks seeing my boobs. We finally got on our plane to Tampa around 5 or so in the evening.

We arrived at Tampa around seven and were greeted by my Aunt. She took us to my grandfather’s ridiculously huge house. Seriously, our time there was like getting a glimpse at the good life. Their house had wings, we stayed in the upper floor of one of them! Everyone was so very nice and welcoming. What was originally very awkward soon become very comfortable and warm. We really enjoyed our time there.


Our first day, we hung around the house and chatted on the lanai while eating a Cuban breakfast. Then my aunt took us to my first ever outlet trip, which was amazing! When we came back, it was dinner at this awesome Greek restaurant! The husband got up and danced with the belly dancer, which was hilarious. Evangeline loved it, especially the part where they threw napkins. We went to bed late and even got to sleep in, as Eva wasn’t waking up until past eight… which she has never done before!


Our second day was spent around the house, meeting with extended family. I got to see one of two of my cousins on my dad’s side of the family for the first time in a decade and a half… which was pretty cool! We had lunch at a local Cuban place and then grilled burgers at home for dinner. It was a really awesome day. Evangeline and I napped while the husband went grocery shopping with my aunt for dinner. It was very relaxing and chill. Again, Eva slept in. She slept in the entire trip!

IMG_3268The third day, we went to the Zoo with my grandfather. We had a blast. Evangeline was obsessed with the flamingos, just like in Key West. She threw a fit when we tried to leave them. She also kept saying “maowww!” at the clouded leopard. It was adorable. We left there and then met my grandfather’s wife and my aunt at this really fancy Cuban restaurant. Our food took forever, but it was just so much fun. We got home super late that night and stayed up talking to my grandfather’s wife and her mother. Thankfully, Eva slept in again!

IMG_3363On our fourth and final day there, we just bummed around and hung out. We went to this really cool local market and got lunch. We then went to my aunt’s favorite beach, where it was super windy. Poor Evangeline was not a fan! We had no idea at the time, but she was coming down with the flu. She spent the entire time against me, wrapped in a towel. We went to a restaurant and then finally got home around 10. We packed and stayed up talking again until around 1. Our flight boarded at 6:45 am, so we had to be up early. We barely got any sleep. Evangeline refused to wake up. We said our goodbyes, rushed into my aunt’s car, and made it to the airport.

We were home well before noon and I called the doctor immediately to have Evangeline looked at. She was shaking, which is something I do when I have a high fever. They did a test and said that she had a flu, poor thing! So I stayed home the rest of the week caring for her and then trying to get better myself, as I came down with it. That’s what happens when you have to share everything with your toddler.

I’m just now recovering and I’m writing this like, three weeks later (but back-dating it.) Even so, it was worth it. We can’t wait to go again! I really did not expect to have so much fun or to be welcomed so warmly! The husband and I both agree that it was like getting swept up into a world where there are no stresses or worries.

I hadn’t even thought about all the things usually troubling me until the first weekend we returned. Sigh. It was so nice to forget about everything for awhile… and awesome to see a part of my family be so open and loving to Evangeline.

Bras, Bras, BRAS!

It has come to that point in my pregnancy–the point where all the things I love are slowly whittled away and all that I’m left with is over-sized clothing that is both ill-fitting and unflattering. Woo. It all began when my underwear split on me towards the end of last week. I lost a bunch of weight and went down to ‘S’ size in Victoria Secret. Unfortunately, my ass has abruptly decided that it can no longer be contained in the stifling confines of size ‘S’. Fantastic.

Luckily enough, I still have underwear from before my weight gain that had been regulated down to ‘that time of the month’ underwear. As shameful as it is for me to admit my ass (and hips) are rapidly expanding, I’m okay with having a safe alternative that is not the much loathed ‘granny panty.’ The same can not be said for my bras, however.

Since I’ve had boobs, I’ve leaned towards pretty bras. I wore the wrong size forever and after a lot of back pain, finally sized myself properly with a lot of research and assistance. I went from wearing a 36B to a 36D (Victoria’s Secret sized me) and then to a 32DDD. That last size has been my saving grace. My shoulders are now squared and without pain, my back no longer aches from hefting the substantial weight of my boobs (I am not a ‘big girl’, but I am also not a ‘petite’ girl either; I have a long, narrow torso and a lot of hips and boobs), and all was right with the world. Until the pregnancy happened. And my boobs decided to grow.

It all hit about three weeks or so ago. I’d avoided the boob growth and thought, foolishly, that I’d be fine and they wouldn’t expand to the size of anime levels of ridiculousness. I was wrong. Small animals could be lost (and subsequently smothered) in my bosom. My cleavage rivals that of the grand canyon. I am every Japanese businessman’s dream, and it is awful. Because my beautiful, lovely bras can no longer contain the sheer massiveness that are my  mammaries.

The realization that I would eventually need to hand in my laced and decorated bras with sizable price tags for nursing gear was always there. I just had the expectation that the trade-in wouldn’t result in me wanting to murder everyone who ever manufactured a bra for mums-to-be or nursing women. It seems, that in the world of post-natal, the size ’32’ does not exist. Especially not in sizes beyond ‘B.’ Are you freaking serious right now?!

Unless, of course, I want to pay the sizable price tag of $65+. I’m already doing that for my per-existing, pretty bras! Why would I toss that kind of cash at something that’s going to be smothered with milk and unraveled by tiny, prying baby hands?! Clearly, the only women giving birth out there that are also a 32 band size are freaking millionaires. Hell, any woman that is a 32 is pretty much screwed if she wants to pay anything less than $30-40, as most stores like Target and Walmart don’t even carry 32 band sizes. If they do, you’ll find only a meager selection of A’s and B’s. Seriously, seriously?!

We’re going on a hunt soon, but it’s not going to be a fun one. I’m going to attempt to try a 34. I already know how it’s going to end. I’m already resigning myself to the possibility that I’ll spend the latter days of my pregnancy and the beginnings of my days as a mother in ill-fitted, pain-inducing bras. I’m saddened by this. I’m using my boobs for their intended purpose and I’m being punished for it.

I can’t go through boobie muffin top for much longer without things getting just plain awkward at work, so I’m going to be forced to find a solution. Sigh. Trying on bras is the worst.


Instead of working on cleaning, I’m sitting here on the laptop while my Pandora randomly plays from my multitude of stations over our very awesome surround sound. We’ve wanted this since we got married. It was the husband’s huge Christmas gift and celebration of finally having a home of our very own. Honestly, I think I get more use out of it than he does.

I got my anniversary present early–my very own 40mm “pancake lens” for my camera. I saw reviews on it and instantly fell in love. As much as I LOVE having a variety of lenses and I’m beyond addicted to the bokeh my 50mm blesses me with, I know that with a baby in our near future, if I want pictures I need something effortless and relatively weightless. Enter in this beauty. I can’t wait to take it for a spin in Arizona. It will make such a good “wandering around Key West” lens, too. My other lenses are “mid-quality”, so they’re heavy because of the metal parts. Still not as heavy as a full-scale quality lens, though. Those are absolute beasts!

The outside cat that roams the neighborhood has adopted the husband as his surrogate owner. That was all well and good until dead birds and other such things started turning up at the foot of the stairs of our back deck. Husband caught him with a live chipmunk hanging out of his mouth, too. He knocked it out and chased the poor thing off. I told the husband, it’s too late; he’s got a serial killing cat on his payroll now. I really don’t want it killing my birds. This is putting a HUGE damper on my ideas of having a bird bath and a lovely yard filled with wonderful birds, sigh. I’m not a fan of “outside cats.” Do NOT throw your cat outside for others to deal with just because you’re a terrible pet owner and “don’t want it inside anymore.” Find someone else to take it in. This poor cat ACTS like an inside cat, is very lovey and vocal–not feral at all. I don’t want to dislike it, but I also don’t want it killing my damn birds.

I’m sixteen weeks now and the “bad” symptoms are starting to taper off. I still can’t dig into my old menu of loves and I’m getting a little worried that my taste buds may be irreparably damaged. As someone with what I’ve designated “food OCD” who is also extremely picky, this is not good news. I panic even thinking about it. I like what I eat, I really do not want to have to go through the hell of “trying new things.” I’m not one of those people. My brain doesn’t work like that. Ugh.

We leave for Arizona at 5:30am. I’ll be on a plane, hopefully not ridiculously tired, and headed towards Chicago where we then head off towards Arizona. Nevermind all the bad weather and wildfires, sigh. I’m really hoping this trip isn’t a bust because the husband is super excited and he needs this. Work has been awful for him lately.

The TastyKake Krimpets I had are wearing off, so I guess it’s time to find some food. Hopefully I get some amazing pictures in Arizona.