So Absolutely Charming

I have an unfortunate disease, one that makes it incredibly difficult for me to not only communicate with my fellow humans, but also continue through daily life without issue.  This disease?  The inability to say anything so that it doesn’t sound like a direct insult or to let the truth slip in such a blunt, unadulterated way that it is followed by mortified silence.  It’s hard to explain, but suffice it to say, while my fiancé has issues saying the absolutely wrong thing at the wrong time and a complete inability to ever phrase or tone things the proper way… I have my own problems.  Take, for instance, the other night, where I managed to make two grevious errors.  We were in the midst of casual conversation when these two incidents occured, not more than five minutes between them.

He speaks of losing weight and not eating much lately.  My reply?  An incredulous and completely harsh, “WHERE?” He looked horrified before making all sorts of melodramatic treaties as I tried and coax him to look at me and stumble over apologies.  Some of the things he said were so funny, I couldn’t help but laugh.  We both ended up laughing ourselves into tears.

Then, we’re talking about something else, and he makes a vague mention of always trying to ‘be perfect for me’… which not only sounds ridiculous, was ridiculous when he said it.  I looked at him, snorted derisively, and said without a thought, “well, you’re doing a shitty ass job of it!” Silence followed.  I realized how that sounded and am suddenly apologetic, again.  He’s too caught off-guard by my insult to say anything witty.

Why, yes, folks, I am still engaged.  A miracle, isn’t it?  Especially after how, when it was all said and done and he said that it was okay, I was only joking, I didn’t mean any of it, I paused.  WHAT? I always speak the truth!  There were little scraps of truth in there!  The truth will not be denied!

And this is why you never, ever ask me for my honest opinion.  I will crush your soul.  Sigh.

In the meantime, I am looking at wedding things.  Totally considering saying “no” to veils.  Two-hundred and more dollars for bits of lace that barely go past my shoulders?  NO THANKS!  Also, wedding shoes?  ARE HORRIBLY UGLY!  Auuugh! I also need to find out what the hell the groom wears to a beach wedding… a full tux seems… well, bizarre.  And stifling.

A Kitty Impasse

I’m sick of talking about dramatic and annoying things.  So, instead, I’m going to talk about cats.  My own lovable ball of fur is currently at home with my crazy ass mother.  Trust me.  I am a ball of nerves.  I want my cat.  Now.  But, unfortunately, it cannot be, because my in-laws don’t believe in declawing and their cat enjoys using hers.  She and Nikita would not get along, at all.

Their neighbor here split up from his girlfriend, who had a daughter.  This was awhile back, maybe half a year ago?  Anyway, she got the little girl a cat and it ended up remaining here due to the whole apartment situation.  The guy is never home and the cat is mostly left to wander.  Recently, it’s begun coming to the door and wanting let in.  So we have.  Now my father-in-law wants to keep it.  He’s a very cute cat… but very skittish.  It is obvious he hasn’t had much human interaction.

He’s not very fond of the camera.

My fiancé, the self-proclaimed cat whisperer that he is, took right to trying to calm him down.  Let it be known the cat follows him as assiduously as a knight his king.  I don’t even blink an eye.  After working a miracle on my own crazy cat, Nikita, and getting her to not only love him nearly as much as she does me, but also deign to sit on his lap at every given occasion, well… his prowess cannot be questioned!

Unfortunately, aforementioned kitty is without his shots and all the other necessaries.  This is the major holding back point for my mother-in-law… she doesn’t want to spend even more money on a stray animal.  All the animals they’ve had were stray animals they took in.  Trust me, they’ve had a ton of animals.  So we’ll see what happens.  I somehow doubt he’ll be going anywhere anytime soon.

He’s also woefully nameless.  I’d love to give him a name–naming animals is so much fun!  And, well, my in-laws don’t really have a penchant for coming up with good names.  Spooky, Snoopy, etc.  Seriously, guys… but my names tend to be pretentious.  I mostly name mine after presidents, literary figures, and mythological creatures.  Well, except Nikita.  I kind of named her after a formerly famous spy series called La Femme Nikita.  Shush!  Peta Wilson is hot stuff.

Right now, we’re at a kitty impasse.  He’s trying to get along with Spooky, but Spooky is having none of it.  She wants him gone.  They are laying several feet apart, just staring.  Every now and again, he’ll move or scoot closer to her, making cute little raccoon-like noises and then she’ll clock him and he’ll run off.

Really need to look into buying a card for our camera, too.  Stupid Olympus cameras!  You can’t just use any regular SD card… which would figure, since my fiancé has insisted on buying a ton of them.  It sucks only being able to take like, ten pictures on what this camera considers “high quality”.

The Cat Abides

The parents are still apart, so I’m pretty sure dad will be looking for an apartment in the near future.  Which means I won’t get to visit and I have to call and upset my grandparents.  It’s not that I actually can’t, but don’t want to.  I don’t want caught up in the middle.  I want to see my dad and grandparents, but there’s so much conflict that can be avoided by not at this particular point in time.  Fortunately for me, I bought my grandpa a birthday card in advance and have already mailed it!  His birthday is the 14th.

Still haven’t heard back from the State Police.  They are so slow.  Fiancé says that they told him it could be between now and the middle of March.  Argh!  I really hope it doesn’t take that long.  In other news, I still haven’t done anymore wedding stuff/planning/etc.  I really need to get my dress altered…

You would get a more coherent entry, but I’m exhausted.  I shooed my fiancé off to work so I could do some ‘questionable’ writing for a Prologue piece.  Now I’m exhausted and bored.  I just can’t write with him around, it sucks, but I can’t.  So, instead of a coherent, moping entry… you get Spooky in the box my Valentine’s Day chocolates came in.  Mmm… Holl’s Swiss Chocolates…

My Dad is New to This ‘Email’ Business

My dad is just now starting to get into the emailing swing of things.  It results in a lot of hilarity.  I love my dad.  This totally made my night…


i GOT YOUR MAIL THIS IS PRETTY COOL oops left the caps lock on.
I just wanted to say hi SOOOO HI hahahahahaha!!!!!!