Seven Months

Seven Months

Evangeline has been on solids now for over a month. She’ll eat anything you put in front of her and seems to really prefer regular foods to purees. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any teeth, so her ability to eat regular food is pretty limited. Still, I’m thrilled that her palate is so varied! We keep trying to encourage her curiosity as best we can.

In fact, she wants solids so much that she’s constipated herself. The daycare had us send more, as she was quite sad when everyone else was eating and hers were already gone. We did, but now I think it’s a bit too much. She really doesn’t know when to quit! So, I’ll be cutting that back a bit and then sending a little more breastmilk to try and counter it.


In other news… she’s a whole seven months old now! I can hardly believe it. Even more, she’s sitting up on her own, too. It just sort of “happened” one morning. They’ve been working with her at daycare, but nothing huge–just letting her sit in their bumbo and play with toys. I still keep a boppy around her as she isn’t completely strong with it yet… but I’m amazed. I very nearly started crying when she did it! She’s getting so big, so fast. It’s insane.

We have family pictures scheduled on Friday and I’m so excited now because they’ll be able to get adorable pictures of her sitting!


She’s also enjoying the pool more now, which is awesome! She kicks her feet when you swim around with her and laughs and giggles. She doesn’t seem to be afraid of it at all, which is great. I’m still waiting until we can get her to blow bubbles in the water. I’m hesitant, because I’m not sure if she’s quite ready for that yet… she’d probably just try to drink it and choke.

We’re keeping busy around here… weekends are still pretty jam-packed with trying to do stuff around the house, spend time with Eva, and whatever else seems to pop up! We had to replace our water heater, which cost around $500 and put a huge damper on Father’s Day… as the gift I had planned cost almost that! I had wanted to have the husband’s Honda fixed up and repainted, sigh. I felt awful that I didn’t have amazing gifts for him… but I’m still planning on getting him something.

He did get a good Father’s day, though. We spent the day at the in-laws pool, with him free to enjoy the sun and everything, as he loves… and then we had Chinese. That’s pretty much a perfect day for him. It would only be better if we’d been in Key West!

5 Months

5 Months

How is it even possible that my sweet little baby is already five months?! That’s just madness. Even though it feels like an eternity ago that I gave birth to her, I’m constantly stunned by how quickly she’s growing. Week to week, things change with her. She went from just sort of sitting in her bouncer or her playmat to actively engaging it. She’s gone from guilelessly swatting at things to moving her hands with a purpose and reason, rarely ever missing her target. It’s astounding!

She’s started sitting up, or trying to, at least. She put her hands in my Chinese food Sunday, which was hilarious! She even made a little growly noise when she did it, ha! The husband’s birthday was Sunday, so we did a bunch of fun stuff and had a good day. We ended it with a dinner at a fancy steakhouse–The Chophouse–which cost a ridiculous amount but was worth it because the husband was thrilled. Eva was a little fussy,  but she survived. I nursed in public (with a cover) again, at the table, and at the Chinese restaurant. I’m getting braver. Yay!

We took pictures of her in her cute Easter dress that my dad and his wife bought her, but she was fussy. I want to get some more of her outside, but the weather isn’t cooperating. We had a nice day Saturday, but spent it doing a lot of yardwork and whatnot. Evangeline did great and hung out in the shade. She sat in her bouncer and played with toys.


She’s changed so much since the whole newborn phase. We’re pretty sure she’s started teething, as she’s gnawing on everything. Her sleep pattern is still all wonky, which sucks. I hate that she’s in turmoil, but I also kind of miss my “guaranteed” hours of relaxation in the evening, heh. But it’s all okay. The only real frustration I have is with the husband and we’ve discussed that–he’s trying to help out more.

It’s pretty amazing how much Evangeline has changed me as a person. All my old worries and anxieties seem so pointless now. While I still have social anxiety, it’s even more moderated than before. It’s barely there now. Everything just sort of pushed itself aside when she arrived. I still worry sometimes, and the husband and I are still stumbling through some things in our journey of trying to be parents… but overall, things are going a lot better than I anticipated.

I’m driving, I’m more independent than ever, and I’m not frightened, really, of anything. I’m sure I would have reached this point eventually on my own if I worked at it, but motherhood seems to have forced me to cast aside all my neuroses. Which is just fine with me! The bonus is I get this sweet little thing to brighten my days…


We’re ‘officially’ visiting my family Memorial Day weekend. We’ll only be there Saturday through Tuesday. It’s going to be… interesting. I’m honestly not looking forward to it, but it is what it is. It’s necessary. I’m sure I’ll be happier once it’s actually happening… at least I hope I will. It’s important for Eva to meet the rest of her family, though. I definitely want her to meet my grandparents while that’s still an option. I’m just sort of over my dad and his ridiculous detachment.

Looking back a year ago, I’m amazed. I was sick and miserable; I was scared; I was uncertain. I begrudged every step forward. I cowered in fear of the unknowns that loomed before me. A year later and here I am, I could never have pictured it or imagined it. It’s so far beyond anything I could have anticipated. I’m grateful. I’m blessed. I try to remember that when silly things try to plague me.

We’re still battling sickness with Eva, which sucks, but it could be worse… so much worse. Eventually, it will end. Her immune system will beef up. Until then, it’s stuffed noses and coughs. Once she gets better, she goes right back to being sick, sigh. Again, though, I am blessed. It could be worse.

It’s amazing how your perception and priorities change once you become responsible for someone else.

Nearly a Month

Nearly a Month

I’ve almost made it an entire month pumping at work! That’s amazing, honestly. It isn’t easy. I know I’ve still got a long time to go… but every step forward is awesome. I forgot my “hidden” pumping cups at my desk at work today, which was very bad, as we were working over at the Academy. Luckily I had my set of visible flanges… I managed to hide them under my hoodie. It sucked, but it worked in a pinch. It could have been much worse.

Once Evangeline turns five months (!!!) on the 12th of April, I’ll have five whole months of exclusive breastfeeding in! It’s been a long, hard road… but worth it. Everything got easier once we got past those first three months. There were still some struggles and there will still be hurdles, but I’m pretty stubborn about continuing on this path.


I can’t believe how big Eva is getting and how fast it’s all happening… I had to remove her infant sling from her baby tub. She was just too long for it! Sitting in the tub without it isn’t perfect, but it’ll have to work for now. I’ve started introducing toys in her baths. She doesn’t play with them yet, but she does try to grasp at them!

She’s really starting to laugh and giggle, which is amazing. There is no better sound in the world! The husband and I are both exploring ways to make her laugh. He seems just as delighted as I am. He’s also finally getting more “hands on” with her, which is great. I think we’re getting past the stage where he thinks she’ll break if he holds her wrong. It’s so fun to see them together. She grins instantly whenever he looks at her or addresses her. Her eyes have always followed him when he talks… even when she just a newborn.


Daycare is still going well. We accidentally forgot her tiger wubbanub yesterday and things didn’t go so well. We honestly had no idea how much of an attachment she had to it. I had intended for it to comfort her while at daycare, because it would be familiar and smell like home… but I hadn’t anticipated it actually working! The ladies at daycare said she was all out of sorts–she even refused to take all of her bottles.

We made sure not to forget it today and she was a completely different baby! The ladies said they kept a close eye on her and that she actually grabs and holds the tiger quite a lot during the day. It’s really cute. I’m glad it comforts her when we can’t.

We’re getting ready to work on our kitchen. It’s going to be a slow, slow process… but it’ll be worth it in the end. The father-in-law is doing the majority of the work. It’s going to be pricey, thus why it’s going to take forever. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. Eva’s room really didn’t turn out how I had hoped… so here’s hoping this goes a little better, sigh.

Two Months

Two Months

Evangeline is two months old! It’s still so hard to believe that two months has passed… and yet it feels like an eternity ago that we were in the hospital. She’s getting big so fast. It’s not a joke when they say the time flies by! I’ve only got around six weeks remaining of my maternity leave… and it’s already 2015!

I keep thinking back to last year at this time. We could never have expected how everything would turn out. We were just settling into the house and making it our own. The living room was still that awful brown color that’s strewn throughout the house! It’s just so hard to imagine. I wonder how many years we’ll have in this house…

As I was going through pictures for Eva’s baby book, I ran across some of my pregnancy bump photos. Oh my God! I can hardly believe that was ever me. I’m huge. I know that I was pregnant (obviously) but it feels as if it never happened at all… and yet the memory of all the horribleness (which was about 80% of it) remains; I’m not really thrilled about getting pregnant again. I managed to avoid stretch marks, but my poor belly button will never be the same again!!


I wouldn’t say that it wasn’t worth it. I’m just saying I’m not overly enthused about going through it all again… especially if I’d need to be induced, ugh. That was just annoying and horrible. I am not someone who can stand being hospitalized for any amount of time. Miserable!


Watching Eva grow is amazing. As happy as I will be to return to work and sort of get some of my normalcy back… I’ll miss being able to watch every moment pass. I love watching her discover and learn new things. It’s fun being able to experiment and find out what she enjoys and what makes her smile. She’s taken to smiling and grinning at me in the mornings, either in her bassinet or when I’m changing her diaper and getting ready to dress her for the day. It’s adorable.

In celebration of her two months, I decided to break in the Christmas gift my husband got me–the photo studio set. It came with professional lights, four light umbrellas (black and white), and backdrops with a stand! It’s brilliant, honestly. He really hit the mark. He said his inspiration was us not having anywhere appropriate to take bump pictures and having weird shadows in the pictures.


The pictures turned out great! It took us some time and experimentation… but it was fun. Poor Eva needed to a nursing and nap break in between. The second bit provided goofy grins and smiles, which were definitely welcome!


I’d bought the dress at Target when I went with the mother-in-law to Target on New Year’s Day. It was on sale and despite being pink, quite cute. I’m glad I grabbed it. Even if she never wears it again, it was worth it for the photos! We’re still experimenting with hair bows. I’m not sure how I feel about them, but they’re almost a necessity for professional looking photos.


Comparing these to the ones done the day we left the hospital leave me speechless. So much change! Soon, she won’t be so tiny and snuggly… she’ll be independent and strong-willed. I can already see it building inside of her. As much as it saddens me, it’s something I’ll grow proud of in due time. I’d expect nothing less of someone who carries a part of me.

Thinking back to a month ago is hard. I was still struggling, still trying to find my bearings. I was still so upset about my body and the sleepless nights. It’s amazing how things can change. The first few weeks really are the worst. There’s still trials to be had, but at least there’s reward now. Seeing her smile, grin, or just experience the world around her is worth it; watching her eyes follow us as we move about the room makes it somehow less difficult.

We were talking about how much fun it’ll be to see her experience new things when we take her to Key West in October. It seemed like an eternity away last July when we were there. Now it feels like it’s coming far too fast. She’ll nearly be a year old then!

Best Laid Plans…

Best Laid Plans...

I’m not going to lie, I thought I’d have a baby by now. Apparently, she’s quite stubborn and has no intentions of coming before she’s ready! Everyone else I knew who was pregnant with me, both those due before and after me, have all given birth already. Of course, they all had boys. Boys have little issue coming early it seems. My doctor’s appointment is tomorrow and they’re going to check me and see if I’ve made any progress. I’ll be 39 weeks.

I had these amazing plans of making my own little wooden placards with her name on them. Buying one would cost nearly $300 due to the length of her name. Of course, I got all the stuff… but I’m not terribly crafty. Unfortunately, we’re having issues with the stencils involving her name. Husband was going to cut them out… but they’re not coming out as smoothly as we’d like.


It doesn’t help that I bought some cheap acrylic paint for the lettering and it turns out it is way too runny to use! I’m not sure what we’re going to do now. I feel so defeated. I wish I were crafty. I really wanted her nursery to look nice and not just a room. Sigh.

I’ve been doing my best, but I’m still not happy with it. I’m a perfectionist, so none of this is… it just feels extremely “bland” to me. I feel like everyone else pulls out all of the stops for their first child’s nursery and it took us forever to even get the walls finished. We’re working on organizing her closet now. I’ve got everything mostly washed, just a few odds and ends left.

We’ve been leaving the the nursery room open to air it out and get Loki used to it. It used to be this mysterious room we kept a bunch of crap in, but now it’s got furniture and more importantly, stuffed animals, so he’s interested. He didn’t bother it much at first, but adding those seemed to pique his interest. The husband was in there measuring when Loki jumped up into the crib and tried to abscond one of her stuffed animals!


He really likes the little husky I just got at Carter’s over the weekend. We went out shopping a bit with the mother-in-law since the father-in-law was off hunting and she was lonely. I got some sweaters and hoodies because they were having a sale. The husband pointed out the husky dog and I grabbed it. I love huskies! Apparently, so does Loki… well, he loves anything that’s fuzzy.


After I shooed him away from the husky, he started nosing into all the other soft things. There’s a bunch of stuff piled on her crib because I’m still sorting and organizing. Loki decided that he liked the comforter and flopped down. It’s like Loki heaven–surrounded by stuffed animals and soft, cushy blanket to enjoy. Sigh. When I went to remove him, he tried snapping at me. Naughty kitty!

I don’t encourage him to go into the crib because I don’t want him doing that when she’s actually asleep in it! He’s not malicious to children by any means, he likes to cuddle with them… which is the worry. I don’t want him smothering her on accident.

As we approach the due date, I’m suffering from a lot of insomnia and just major discomfort. I haven’t had any “nesting’ vibes yet, but I’m still forcing myself to organize and clean as much as I’m able to. I fell down the steps over the weekend and while I didn’t hurt my belly, I did take the entirety of the fall on my left knee. Since then, I’ve been swelling like crazy in my legs. It’s horrifying! I’m a little worried my doctor is going to write me off work, so I’ve planned my leave out for my last day being the third. We’ll see what happens…

I’m really ambivalent about my family lately. My mother isn’t respecting my “no contact” request and my grandparents are being overly pushy about the whole situation. No one on that side is being understanding in the least. As I told the husband, as per usual, no one cares or thinks about me, they’re only worried about themselves. Thinking about it just agitates me. I don’t even know if I want to tell them when she comes, because I don’t want to deal with the stress of them coming down and wanting to bring my mother. She’s taken to calling my mother-in-law, which is just completely inappropriate!

At least my dad and that side of the family is being good. It’s like a seesaw. Annoying.