Working On the Nursery

Working On the Nursery

Yesterday, we spent the first part of the day at our birthing class. It wasn’t so much a “birthing class” as “here’s all the medical ways we can help you birth a baby.” Then they showed us some videos. Hilariously enough, the videos were all of natural births! The teacher/nurse asked us if anyone was planning on not having an epidural or at least trying to abstain from one… I was the only person who raised my hand our of nearly twenty women. When I asked about how many natural births the hospital had, she said they didn’t have many, but that they did happen and the nurses tried to be respectful of everyone’s choices. Well, at least there’s that.

I didn’t really learn anything because I’ve spent the past few months reading birth stories, books, and talking to people in person about their experiences. I know I can’t guarantee what my birth would be, but going into it, I have a better idea of what I’d like to try for. That’s what is most important. Whatever happens is going to happen. I still have some questions for my doctor, though.


After that, we met up with the in-laws and went to this huge home/etc outlet that’s about twenty minutes from their house in Ohio. We needed a ceiling light for the baby’s room and ended up leaving with about $150 worth of stuff… we got three ceiling lights, each originally around $80-90 for only $35 all together! We also got a set of curtains (originally $30 each, we paid $5) for her room, a curtain rod (originally $55 we paid $15) for her room and one for my vanity room… and we even found a bouncer/swing combo that we’d been looking at! It was originally priced around $160 or so… we got it for $50. In the end, we made out like bandits!


Today, the husband has been working on putting all the furniture together… which is super exciting! They finished the drywall and painting last weekend. There’s still some touch-up work needed, but we were both too excited about the furniture. I’d still like to get her a rug, but the husband ran the carpet cleaner over the carpet, so it looks better… but still.

We’re waiting to install all of the new lights because husband isn’t confident in his electrician skills yet. I’m definitely glad I bought him a screwdriver to replace the crappy one that his dad had given him. Makita apparently does a deal on some things around Labor Day every year, so I grabbed him a drill priced originally $200+ but marked down to like, $99. I added in some contractor-grade drill bits, too. We’re on a spending freeze due to buying a car very, very soon… but this was a necessity. It’s definitely come in handy!

I’ve been working on getting her clothes sorted and washed, which has been an experience. She has a lot more clothes than I thought… but next to nothing that’s newborn sized. We might grab a few cheapie things, but otherwise, we’re not really worried about it. Newborn clothing is so odd. If she’s a “bigger” baby, she likely won’t even wear any of it!

So far, this three day weekend has been amazingly productive. I love it!

Baby Stuff!

Baby Stuff!


My dad bought us the car seat and stroller combo we had on our baby registry. I was excited waiting for it to arrive. When it did arrive, we wasted no time busting it open and putting the stuff together. Our first official baby furniture! There was no way we were letting it sit in a box…

Very happy with the choice I made! I decided on the Chicco KeyFit line, which has pieces that fit together throughout various ages, making things so much easier down the line. I did a lot of research, but kept coming back to this one. I got red because it’s the husband’s favorite color and it’s fairly gender neutral should we need to use these things again in the next two to three years.


Loki wasn’t exactly thrilled with us using him as our “text subject”, haha. He has zero interest in the furniture, unlike everyone else’s cats. He sort of sniffs it, rubs it, and then he’s done with it.

Getting this stuff just makes it all seem more “real”… it’s really crazy. We also got the crib and dresser from my dad’s dad and step-mother! Of course, those will remain in the box until the room is finally finished. The in-laws are supposed to be coming up this weekend to give us a hand, which will be nice.

Things are definitely happening… very quickly. It feels like everything is in fast forward. Next week is our birthing class. I remember scheduling it back around June and July, thinking, “wow, that’s so far away.” Now it’s here. Yikes! It’s almost a month until my due date. We have food that expires on or slightly past my due date now. It’s all just very surreal and odd.

I can’t wait to get her room ready! These pictures of the stroller and carseat are kind of old. I’ve had the Thank You cards and baby shower stuff sorted for a long time. Soon, I’ll be pulling it all out again to wash it… whoa.

32 Weeks Already?!

32 Weeks Already?!

Time is seriously going by way, way too quickly. We’re so not ready. The baby’s room is still nowhere near being close to finished, we’ve yet to buy any actual baby furniture, and we’re still missing pretty much all of the necessities. Sigh. At least we have our ultrasound coming up this Thursday. That’s exciting. We haven’t “seen” her since the anatomy ultrasound back in June. Given how big my stomach has gotten and how much she moves (if you press on certain parts on my stomach, you can FEEL her!), the ultrasound will definitely be fun.

Husband is out working on the deck. We need to get it stained before the cold weather sneaks in. Usually it stays pretty warm down here clear through October, but much like last year, that’s not looking likely this year. We’re probably going to have another “bad” winter here. You’d think a place located in Appalachia would be used to snow, but no, not this place!

We both caught the respiratory thing going around, so we’ve been trying to recover from that. Being sick and pregnant is downright miserable. I miss being able to take medication! I’m doing okay, though, and didn’t get as sick as the husband did. I should, hopefully, be much better off tomorrow. I’ve been doing absolutely nothing but couch surfing all weekend, which is frustrating. My aunt is coming in for the baby shower Saturday, so I want to have everything cleaned up! Looks like I’ll be doing that after work during the week…


We had our work baby shower on Friday. It went amazingly, a lot better than I had anticipated! I am very grateful to my friend/coworker and the husband’s friend/coworker who both set it up. We got a lot of awesome gifts and gift cards! I’ve got the Thank You cards already filled out and ready to be put in their mailboxes once we get back to work on Monday.


Loki, of course, had to nose through the bags! We were surprised when he didn’t zero in on the fuzzy blanket or the stuffed bear. He’s obsessed with fuzzy/plushy things and usually tries to steal them. He’ll take off and we usually have to chase him down and get the fuzzy object away from him. Instead, he just kept nosing around the bags before settling on rubbing one of the bags of a coworker who also has a cat.

Our family shower is this Saturday. I’m hoping it goes okay. My family won’t really be in attendance, probably just my aunt who is flying in from Florida. My dad was supposed to try and make it down, but his stupid wife got a DUI, so he’s at home dealing with that right now. I’d like him to get down here before the baby is here, but that doesn’t seem likely, sigh. He’ll pop up when she’s here and I don’t want to play hostess!

It’s so hard to fathom that we have less than two months now to prepare. I need to start updating my lists and we’ve got to start cracking down and getting things done. Getting this deck staining out of the way will definitely clear up our schedule, as it’s the last major house improvement that relies on the weather. Everything else will fall in line once this is done. The in-laws were supposed to come and help, but MIL never cleared it with FIL (as husband asked several times for her to do) and so he’s too busy today. Husband is doing what he can. I wish I could help, but I can’t be around the chemicals (it’s a special, repairing stain) and I’m still too damned sick to be useful, sigh.

I really, really want to get my vanity room all organized and completely set up before the baby comes. Right now, it’s just sort of a disarray of all my stuff, with my vanity that holds all my makeup. We just sort of throw whatever in there and use it as a storage room. It recently got a litter box added to it because Loki was actually strangely and not using the downstairs litter box. I later found out that this was because husband hadn’t been dumping the litter out completely every month or so and changing the liner! I usually do all of this… but I can’t now. So frustrating.

House Stuff

House Stuff

Every weekend since we got back from Key West seems to have been filled with house stuff. We’ve replaced things, fixed things, and even painted things. Of course, amidst all of this, we still haven’t finished the baby’s room! Still, we lose the father-in-law’s help come September, so it’s a mad rush to get everything done before then. The biggest projects we’ve got looming are painting the house and replacing the windows. We ordered the windows, but they won’t be here for another week or two yet. We’ll likely spend next weekend painting the house.

The husband and father-in-law are currently outside replacing the deck stairs. I had warned everyone that they needed it, as steps are always the first thing to go! No one listened until one of the steps nearly came out from under me. Once that happened, it was a rush to get everything secured. I’m glad everyone wants me to be safe, but I wish that they had listened to me in the first place.

I’m officially in my third trimester. Our doctor’s appointment last Thursday marked the change from once a month to every two weeks. It’s sort of hard to fathom that so much time has passed since we found out in March. Where did the time go? It’s nearly Fall and almost all of the schools down here are back in session. Yikes! We are going to see the daycare this week on Thursday, too.

My symptoms haven’t been that bad, though my ass is growing at an alarming rate now. I’m still trying to be careful with what I’m eating, but my appetite can’t always be denied. I’ve never felt a hunger like this before! To make matters worse, husband is adamant about me not starving the baby, so he’s always trying to feed me. I know I shouldn’t complain, but I really do not want to gain all the weight back I just lost. I’m almost up 20 pounds now and I’ve just entered the trimester where you’re set to gain the most!

All the baby shower stuff is set up, for the most part. I’m not directly involved in any of the planning and I’m extremely grateful for the thought and effort those who are have put into them… but I can’t help but feel sick and anxious about it. I’m never good at these things. I’m always afraid. I was never a very popular kid and while I did have some birthday parties, all of that stopped once I became a teenager. I’m plagued with thoughts of “what if no one wants to come” and “what if people don’t want to buy me things.” Never mind the fact that I hate expecting people to get me stuff. It’s my baby and I should be responsible for it. I’m grateful for any help people want to provide, but I don’t want anyone feeling obligated!

I haven’t voiced any of these aloud, as I feel like an idiot. I don’t really want to do the ‘woe is me’ thing. Whatever happens, happens, I guess. I’ll roll with it. It’s all that I can really do.

And now, for more bump pictures… because holy crap is it growing!


Where does the time go?

The first few weeks I found out, everything seemed to move so slowly. It was as if I were trudging through the thickest pudding imaginable. I was miserable, though, so that probably had a lot to do with it. I kept thinking, “what if this never ends?” Which, in retrospect, probably didn’t help matters any but I really was at the depths of absolute misery. Once someone gave me a light at the end of the tunnel to keep an eye out for (my doctor gave me an estimated date as to when my symptoms would lessen significantly), everything seemed okay. I powered on through those early weeks, continually reminding myself that, “this too, shall pass.” And it did, thank God.

I can eat fairly normally now, though re-learning tastes isn’t fun. A lot of things I used to love are no longer palatable. I’ve discovered that keeping a giant bottle of Tic Tacs or some gum on hand is very helpful in ridding of that awful taste that lingers in my mouth. That helps my appetite a lot. I’ve put on a few pounds now and my belly is definitely showing. I’m so anxious, though. I don’t want to get huge. I keep saying that mantra over and over again in my head and it seems to help me from being too much of an absolute glutton.

We leave for Key West in the morning. It will be the first time I’m flying without the in-laws and just traveling with the husband. I’m not too worried, as he has a bit more experience with airports than I do and there will be less drama between him and his parents. We’ll meet up with the in-laws in Miami and then the drive to Key West begins! I’m nervous about going back through Miami on our return flight, but I’m trying not to obsess over it.

We still haven’t decided on a name. The husband is coming around to the names I’d picked out (because he didn’t have anything to bring to the table, at all.) It’s weird, though. The name I was absolutely in love with if we had a girl just doesn’t seem right somehow. Right before I found out my cousin was having a boy and I began to feel that my own wasn’t a boy as we’d thought (and the husband falsely proved), I had a dream and a name I’d been kicking around just sort of stood out. It was in my dream and that was her name and it was perfect somehow. Which is ridiculous. I’m not wishy-washy in the least and so I cringe even typing that, but it’s the truth. Since then and especially since we found out that it was, in fact, a girl… I’m stuck on that name. I sort of told the husband that yesterday when he told me he’d decided he liked the name he didn’t initially like…

I just say it aloud and it isn’t right, but the other one is. It’s like a choice was made and it’s divine, pregnancy intervention or something. Ha! Again, what is it with pregnancy hormones and that ridiculousness? Even so, it would be so like a child of mine to demand to choose her own name. I wish I could give her the longer version of it, but knowing that she has to be able to spell it in kindergarten and it’s fairly long (1o letters)… it seems wise to go the shorter route. We’ll see, though.

As far as registries, day care, and pediatricians… I’m procrastinating hardcore. I bought some cute outfits, but that’s about it. Oh! I did email the day care and ask what their infant waiting list was like yesterday. Not sure when/if I’ll hear back. If not by the end of vacation, I’ll bite the bullet and call them because I really like this place and would prefer it. I’m planning on calling the pediatrician that my coworker who recently had a baby is using, because she says she’s really awesome and she’s accepting new patients. Thinking about all of this stuff makes me very anxious, however. So, I’m trying to keep it organized without obsessing. We also need to tour hospitals and make a final decision there, but my doctor assured me there was no rush. Have I mentioned how awesome my doctor is? He is. Let’s just hope his plans for my birth and my plans align. We haven’t discussed that yet.

I am finally able to play video games again, which is just amazing after months of being away. It’s very calming for me. It’s also significantly less lonely, as the husband is right next to me and often we’re playing one together. Being holed up in the living room all alone sucked. I keep reminding myself that it’s going to happen again, when I give birth and come home. I’ve pretty much decided that if I’m going to breastfeed, husband and I need to sleep separately and I’ll camp out in the living room with the baby. At least for the first month or so when her schedule is sure to be insane. He can be well-rested so he can function and more importantly, take care of me… which he did during the first part of my pregnancy, so I’m not worried.

It’s dawning on me that we really don’t need anyone else. I always make it a point not to rely on anyone for anything, but there’s always this little nagging need for someone to rely on. I don’t have my parents, my family, and his parents are dealing with their own stuff right now, so they’re not a lot of help (though they do help when they can.) In the end, though… it’s just us. We’re pretty capable of dealing with most of what we get tossed, me especially. I like knowing and not worrying that my husband will be able to fulfill the tasks set out before him by this difficult transition in our lives–in the end, it will be worth it. It’s just going to be hell before we get to that point!

Financially, we should be okay. I’m trying not to worry about the doctor bills, the labor and delivery bills, and the initial baby bills… all the furniture we have to buy. It’s very overwhelming. Everyone keeps telling me I’ll get stuff from family/etc, but they don’t realize that I don’t rely on my family. I can’t. My dad’s side has claimed they’d love to do this and that, but so far, I’ve not seen anything. Again, I don’t want anything from them, either. For me, being independent and taking care of myself is second nature. Relying on other people is very, very dangerous.

I’m hoping when we get back from Key West, the husband will have the gumption to finish the baby’s room. At the very least, I’d like the drywall and mudding to be finished. Also, the loose boards on our back deck need screwed in. He’ll probably do that today when he mows. He’ll also be–hopefully–switching jobs soon, so that will take a lot of stress off of him.

I really need to update this more, but I’m so scatterbrained anymore.