Working On the Nursery

Working On the Nursery

Yesterday, we spent the first part of the day at our birthing class. It wasn’t so much a “birthing class” as “here’s all the medical ways we can help you birth a baby.” Then they showed us some videos. Hilariously enough, the videos were all of natural births! The teacher/nurse asked us if anyone was planning on not having an epidural or at least trying to abstain from one… I was the only person who raised my hand our of nearly twenty women. When I asked about how many natural births the hospital had, she said they didn’t have many, but that they did happen and the nurses tried to be respectful of everyone’s choices. Well, at least there’s that.

I didn’t really learn anything because I’ve spent the past few months reading birth stories, books, and talking to people in person about their experiences. I know I can’t guarantee what my birth would be, but going into it, I have a better idea of what I’d like to try for. That’s what is most important. Whatever happens is going to happen. I still have some questions for my doctor, though.


After that, we met up with the in-laws and went to this huge home/etc outlet that’s about twenty minutes from their house in Ohio. We needed a ceiling light for the baby’s room and ended up leaving with about $150 worth of stuff… we got three ceiling lights, each originally around $80-90 for only $35 all together! We also got a set of curtains (originally $30 each, we paid $5) for her room, a curtain rod (originally $55 we paid $15) for her room and one for my vanity room… and we even found a bouncer/swing combo that we’d been looking at! It was originally priced around $160 or so… we got it for $50. In the end, we made out like bandits!


Today, the husband has been working on putting all the furniture together… which is super exciting! They finished the drywall and painting last weekend. There’s still some touch-up work needed, but we were both too excited about the furniture. I’d still like to get her a rug, but the husband ran the carpet cleaner over the carpet, so it looks better… but still.

We’re waiting to install all of the new lights because husband isn’t confident in his electrician skills yet. I’m definitely glad I bought him a screwdriver to replace the crappy one that his dad had given him. Makita apparently does a deal on some things around Labor Day every year, so I grabbed him a drill priced originally $200+ but marked down to like, $99. I added in some contractor-grade drill bits, too. We’re on a spending freeze due to buying a car very, very soon… but this was a necessity. It’s definitely come in handy!

I’ve been working on getting her clothes sorted and washed, which has been an experience. She has a lot more clothes than I thought… but next to nothing that’s newborn sized. We might grab a few cheapie things, but otherwise, we’re not really worried about it. Newborn clothing is so odd. If she’s a “bigger” baby, she likely won’t even wear any of it!

So far, this three day weekend has been amazingly productive. I love it!

Baby Stuff!

Baby Stuff!


My dad bought us the car seat and stroller combo we had on our baby registry. I was excited waiting for it to arrive. When it did arrive, we wasted no time busting it open and putting the stuff together. Our first official baby furniture! There was no way we were letting it sit in a box…

Very happy with the choice I made! I decided on the Chicco KeyFit line, which has pieces that fit together throughout various ages, making things so much easier down the line. I did a lot of research, but kept coming back to this one. I got red because it’s the husband’s favorite color and it’s fairly gender neutral should we need to use these things again in the next two to three years.


Loki wasn’t exactly thrilled with us using him as our “text subject”, haha. He has zero interest in the furniture, unlike everyone else’s cats. He sort of sniffs it, rubs it, and then he’s done with it.

Getting this stuff just makes it all seem more “real”… it’s really crazy. We also got the crib and dresser from my dad’s dad and step-mother! Of course, those will remain in the box until the room is finally finished. The in-laws are supposed to be coming up this weekend to give us a hand, which will be nice.

Things are definitely happening… very quickly. It feels like everything is in fast forward. Next week is our birthing class. I remember scheduling it back around June and July, thinking, “wow, that’s so far away.” Now it’s here. Yikes! It’s almost a month until my due date. We have food that expires on or slightly past my due date now. It’s all just very surreal and odd.

I can’t wait to get her room ready! These pictures of the stroller and carseat are kind of old. I’ve had the Thank You cards and baby shower stuff sorted for a long time. Soon, I’ll be pulling it all out again to wash it… whoa.

Bras, Bras, BRAS!

It has come to that point in my pregnancy–the point where all the things I love are slowly whittled away and all that I’m left with is over-sized clothing that is both ill-fitting and unflattering. Woo. It all began when my underwear split on me towards the end of last week. I lost a bunch of weight and went down to ‘S’ size in Victoria Secret. Unfortunately, my ass has abruptly decided that it can no longer be contained in the stifling confines of size ‘S’. Fantastic.

Luckily enough, I still have underwear from before my weight gain that had been regulated down to ‘that time of the month’ underwear. As shameful as it is for me to admit my ass (and hips) are rapidly expanding, I’m okay with having a safe alternative that is not the much loathed ‘granny panty.’ The same can not be said for my bras, however.

Since I’ve had boobs, I’ve leaned towards pretty bras. I wore the wrong size forever and after a lot of back pain, finally sized myself properly with a lot of research and assistance. I went from wearing a 36B to a 36D (Victoria’s Secret sized me) and then to a 32DDD. That last size has been my saving grace. My shoulders are now squared and without pain, my back no longer aches from hefting the substantial weight of my boobs (I am not a ‘big girl’, but I am also not a ‘petite’ girl either; I have a long, narrow torso and a lot of hips and boobs), and all was right with the world. Until the pregnancy happened. And my boobs decided to grow.

It all hit about three weeks or so ago. I’d avoided the boob growth and thought, foolishly, that I’d be fine and they wouldn’t expand to the size of anime levels of ridiculousness. I was wrong. Small animals could be lost (and subsequently smothered) in my bosom. My cleavage rivals that of the grand canyon. I am every Japanese businessman’s dream, and it is awful. Because my beautiful, lovely bras can no longer contain the sheer massiveness that are my  mammaries.

The realization that I would eventually need to hand in my laced and decorated bras with sizable price tags for nursing gear was always there. I just had the expectation that the trade-in wouldn’t result in me wanting to murder everyone who ever manufactured a bra for mums-to-be or nursing women. It seems, that in the world of post-natal, the size ’32’ does not exist. Especially not in sizes beyond ‘B.’ Are you freaking serious right now?!

Unless, of course, I want to pay the sizable price tag of $65+. I’m already doing that for my per-existing, pretty bras! Why would I toss that kind of cash at something that’s going to be smothered with milk and unraveled by tiny, prying baby hands?! Clearly, the only women giving birth out there that are also a 32 band size are freaking millionaires. Hell, any woman that is a 32 is pretty much screwed if she wants to pay anything less than $30-40, as most stores like Target and Walmart don’t even carry 32 band sizes. If they do, you’ll find only a meager selection of A’s and B’s. Seriously, seriously?!

We’re going on a hunt soon, but it’s not going to be a fun one. I’m going to attempt to try a 34. I already know how it’s going to end. I’m already resigning myself to the possibility that I’ll spend the latter days of my pregnancy and the beginnings of my days as a mother in ill-fitted, pain-inducing bras. I’m saddened by this. I’m using my boobs for their intended purpose and I’m being punished for it.

I can’t go through boobie muffin top for much longer without things getting just plain awkward at work, so I’m going to be forced to find a solution. Sigh. Trying on bras is the worst.

Let’s Never Do THAT Again…

Well, we’re moved in. We’ve been sleeping here since Saturday. We moved some stuff on Saturday and then the bulk of it on Sunday. Let’s just say… it was harrowing. I look like I belong to Fight Club. It was mostly just me, the husband, and the in-laws. Two coworkers were nice enough to help us with some of the bigger stuff! We didn’t end up getting a Uhaul like I wanted… so it was quite the endeavor.

We turned in our keys today and took one last look at our now empty apartment. It was really bittersweet. That apartment was our first true venture into independence and we were there for four years… seeing it empty was kind of sad. All that remains of us being there are the dents in the carpet. Those will be erased, as will any sign of us ever having lived there. Someone else will come in and it will be as if we were never there at all. Kind of a somber thought.

The new house is great, though. We’re settling in and getting things unboxed. My vanity is finally up! The husband got it for me for my birthday and I can’t wait to get all of my makeup sorted out on it. :) I’m waiting to take pictures until after everything isn’t a complete mess.

I really wish everyone wasn’t freaking out about the storm happening right now. Actually, I wish there wasn’t even a threat of a winter storm. We’re supposed to leave for Pennsylvania tomorrow! This is our first year not working Black Friday in a long time and I’m already pissed I can’t spend as much time with my family as I want–this storm is only making it worse.

Crossing my fingers and hoping that we can still make it and this is all just one big media shitstorm VS an actual, legitimate storm that will cause damage and prevent me from seeing my family…

Time to take my mind off of it and go pack and then watch some Sleepy Hollow.

Way Too Fast!

I haven’t been updating for a multitude of reasons… most of them involving some form of being too busy and another form of I just can’t seem to string together coherent thoughts for more than five minutes at a time.  This is my personal catalog to look back on, so it really makes me feel bad when I go long stretches without recording things!

We went to Key West around Halloween for a week and it was amazing.  We always go in July, but I am pretty sure we both want to continue going down in October.  In July, it’s hot and impossible to do anything because it’s so hot.  I can’t stand the heat, but my husband loves it.  Unfortunately, my loathing of the heat is not just mental, it’s physical.  I’ve been known to pass out quite a lot when it gets too hot.

The in-laws drove through the night, so it was quite the car trip.  Sleeping in a car is much better than sleeping in an air plane, I will say that.  We had to hurry because we didn’t want to miss the end of Fantasy Fest.  It’s like their version of Mardi Gras only a little tamer?  Or maybe not, I don’t know.  There were a lot of costumed “naked people”… I mean that in that they were wearing body paint!  Either way, we had an absolute blast and it was just the right thing to recharge our batteries.  Morale has been a bit low around here.

We were only home for around two weeks or so before the hell that was the week of Thanksgiving.  We left Monday, arrived late in the evening, hung out until Wednesday, where we had Thanksgiving with my family (although I did not get to join in with my dad’s Thanksgiving…) and were back on the road Thursday, only to go into work around 2am that evening/morning for Black Friday.

My mother, grandfather, aunt, and grandma.

My cousin recently had her second child, a boy, and we finally got to see him.  I’m not a baby person, but my cousin’s family always excites me so I am happy to see it growing.  Of course, I got to see her first daughter, who recognized me and was climbing all over me the entire time… which made things a little difficult, but it was still fun.  The entire trip was a whirlwind, though.  My husband commented that it didn’t feel like we even visited… and it didn’t.  By the time we were settled in, it was time to leave and the next few days were a blur of being exhausted and working.

It was all a big blur, I can’t find a better description.  I barely even remember Black Friday.  I had several energy drinks and didn’t sleep for over twenty-four hours… and I wasn’t even shopping!  Well, that’s a lie… I got off work around 3pm and hit some shops.  I don’t know how.  I must have been a zombie.  I wish I could have done more shopping, though, as that’s about the only chance I had.  Since Black Friday, we have both been working like crazy.  It makes me feel bad for my husband, who works his second job while I am at my job… but his second job is also a reprieve from the soul-sucking place he works 9-5 at on a weekly basis.

All this working has made the apartment suffer.  I can’t see our bedroom or walk-in closet’s floor because we never got a chance to switch from summer to winter clothing… as it stayed warm here until well into November.  So, there’s a mix of shorts and other summer things thrown everywhere while the blue Tupperware that usually houses off-season clothing has exploded in the closet.  It’s a mess and it’s driving me nuts, but we don’t have a time where both of us are off work and able to dedicate time to it… it’s a two person job.  It will have to wait until after Christmas.

Speaking of which, I haven’t even finished my Christmas shopping yet.  I’m probably just going to send my family cards, because we usually don’t exchange gifts when it’s not “our year”.  We send cards with money or gift certificates for restaurants and sometimes I send them flowers.  Unfortunately, we are spending Christmas with the in-laws and I have no gifts for them yet.  They don’t particularly go with the whole “exchanging gifts” tradition (hell, they barely do any Christmas traditions at all), but I still like to give gifts.  I love it, in fact!  I do have my husband’s Christmas gift shopping done, though… and he still has no idea what I got him.

His family is planning on actually getting together this year, since it may well be his maternal grandfather’s last Christmas (his Alzheimer’s has advanced exponentially and he’s deteriorating fast).  So, that’s definitely something to look forward to.  I’ll still miss my family, though… even if it’s never going to be the same as when my dad was around.  I guess I miss the memory of what it was instead of what it actually is now, even though my mum is sober now… it’s like you can never completely win, you just have to be happy with what you’re given.

Speaking of which, mum is still sober and her throat seems to be healing (as well as can be expected).  She says she has no desire to drink.  This is all fantastic news.  She even came down with her boyfriend to visit us on the weekend of my birthday.  We worked all weekend and she gave us no notice, so we only got to spend a short time together… but she got to see our apartment and meet Loki, so it was nice.

My husband’s keyboard died, so he’s using my nice, sleek wireless and I have my clunky, old keyboard… which hurts to type on.  So, I’m done.